The Swiss Championships



Every year the Swiss people hold a championship for all classes, touring, sports and racing drivers. The scoring is judged as a rule on five national events, but with the abandonment of the Monte Ceneri hill climb the number was reduced to four, as follows :—Grand Saconnex, Rheinsch Walzenhausen, De vilier-Des Rangiers, and Montreu x-Caux hill climb. In order to win a title, a competitor must be within 3 per cent. of the total possible number of points, and this explains why certain categories are unrepresented in the following list of Swiss champions for 1934 :—

Touring 1,500 c.c.

” julow ” (Ford), 295.66 points.

Touring 3,000 ex.

J. Studer (Ansaldo), 291.39 points.

Touring, Unlimited.

0. Zwimpfer (Chrysler), 300 points.

Sports 1,500 ex.

E. Schneider (Derby), 291.43 points. Sports, Unlimited.

H. Stuber (Alfa-Romeo), 300 points. Racing, Unlimited.

H. Ruescb (Maserati), 298.14 points.

Monza to be Rebuilt Completely.

Following on the unsuccessful experiment of slowing the cars in the recent Italian Grand Prix, I understand that the R.A.C.I. has now decided to scrap the existing track at Monza and to construct in its place the fastest and most modern track in the work’. In order to make the place useable for some time to come, it is being designed for speeds up to 300 m.p.h. In length it will be exactly 5 kilometres,

Mercedes Preparing for ‘Sports Car Races.

I learn with great interest that it has definitely been decided to enter a team of Mercedes-Benz production cars for the Mille Miglia and the Tour of Italy next year. The cars will be the wonderful 5-litre supercharged jobs, Type 500, which in standard form are capable of 110 m.p.h. Shall we see them at Le Mans as well ?