Pictorial Review

B.A.R.C. International Meetings at Aintree and Goodwood
Eastern Counties Motor Club Meeting at Snetterton

Top: On Form.— Stirling Moss was on the top of his form at Goodwood and Aintree. He is here seen in action at the former circuit on the occasion of the B.A.R.C. International meeting of September 25th, when he won the Goodwood Trophy Race in his Maserati.

Bottom: Stirling Again. — Moss (No. 37) coming through the field at Goodwood to finish second, the first of the 500 c.c. races at the closing meeting. Eric Brandon leads at this point, with Russell in the centre of the road, followed by Bicknell's Revis, with Leston and Parker (the ultimate winner) on the outside, while Moss leads Bueb and Fenning — close work at Madgwick Corner after the start.

Formule Libre. — Wharton in the B.R.M. before he was overtaken at Goodwood by Collins in the Thinwall Special Ferrari. Moss, perhaps surprisingly, stayed in third place, finishing 9.6 sec. behind the Ferrari and 3.6 sec. behind the B.R.M.

Photo Finish! — Only it wasn’t at the finish. Moss in Beart’s Cooper-Norton comes to grips with Don Parker’s Kieft during the first of the two 500 c.c. races held at Goodwood. (Subsequently Mos was beaten by Parker by a matter of 0.2 sec.)

Sir Jeremy Boles is fortunate in having Don Beauman to drive his F. II Connaught for him. Here Beaumann, driving very nicely, is in second place behind Gerard in Goodwood’s September Madgwick Cup Race.

Calm Visitor. — Mike Hawthorn in full cry at St Mary’s Corner in the Goodwood circuit in J. Kelly’s new acquisition, the latest sports 3-litre four-cylinder Ferrari. Before the back axle broke Mike made fastest lap, at 86.4 m.p.h.

Big Stuff. — Peter Collins in Tony Vandervell’s Thinwall Special Ferrari was invincible in the Woodcote Cup for Formule Libre cars at Goodwood, leading Wharton’s B.R.M. by 6 sec. at the end of the 10-lap race, although he did not pull out a record lap. He is seen here at Aintree before retiring from the Formule Libre race.

Tense Moment. — The flag falls at Aintree for the start of the Daily Telegraph Trophy Race. From l. to r. in the front row are Moss (Maserati), Behra (Gordini), Hawthorn (Vanwall), and Schell (Maserati). Moss won from Hawthorn, with Schell third, but Behra retired with clutch trouble after we had seen that the Gordini was no match for the Vanwall Special.

Irrepressible. — Bob Gerard throws his faithful Cooper-Bristol through the curves at Goodwood, rear-end adhesion enhanced by the oversize back wheels. He finished fourth in the Goodwood Trophy, his the first 2-litre car to finish, after which he went on to win the F. II Madgwick Cup race at 86.89 m.p.h.

Lined Up. — Reg Parnell, late “King of Goodwood,” concentrates on placing his 1953/54 Ferrari for a corner where, alas, his hard-used engine elected to break a piston.

No Need to Guess. The registration number of Geroge Abecassis’ Goodwood mount gives its identity! In this Jaguar-engine H.W.M. Abecassis was placed third in the unlimited sports-car race behind Salvadori (Jaguar) and Gregory (Ferrari).

Chaser. Peter Colins did all he could at Aintree to catch Gregory’s Ferrari, practically setting the back tyres on fire in the process, without avail. He was 2.2 secs. behind the Ferrari at the finish but considerably in front of Reg. Parnell in a similar Aston Martin.

British-Entered Maserati. — Roy Salvadori coming out of a drift through St. Mary’s corner during Goodwood Trophy Race. This driver has not had much success lately, but finished third behind Moss’s Maserati and Collins in the promising Vanwall Special.

About Change. — T. Sopwith (Sphinx) leading Tony Crook (Cooper-Bristol) and Scott-Brown (Lister-Bristol) through the Esses at Snetterton. Two laps later Crook retired and Scott-Brown overtook the Sphinx to win the race.

Winner of the combined 10 lap scratch race at Snetterton for 1 ½-litre sports and racing cars, Colin Chapman’s Lotus is seen leaving the Snetterton Esses.

At Speed. — Roy Salvadori going rapidly at the end of Snetterton’s home straight, the Maserati in third place in the sports-car race after Tony Crook’s retirement.

Through the S-Bend at Snetterton goes Coombs’ Lotus, to finish second in the 10-lap sports/racing-car event.

Off! — The field gets away at the start of ta race at the closing meeting at Snetterton. From left to right, front row: Salvadori (Maserati), Beaumann (Connaught), Whitehouse (Connaught), Marr (Connaught), Williamson (E.R.A.) with Riseley-Pritchard (Connaught) already in the lead.