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NOT all of us can afford to buy brand new sports cars, and for the benefit of those who wish to pick up a fast machine second hand, MOTOR SPORT from time to time publishes its experiences of cars taken at random from the stock of various firms who deal in such cars.

Our latest test of this nature was of a 16 h.p. 6-cylinder Derby, which was lent to us for a week-end recently by the well known firm of Denmans, Ltd., of 132, Long Acre, London, W.C.2.

As will be seen from the illustration, the car was a 2-seater sports model of low sporting lines. The body was in good condition, with little rattle, and the paintwork was good. The seats, as is usual with this type of body, were pneumatic cushions resting on the floor.

The overhead valve engine pulled well, and started easily when cold. The high power-to-weight ratio gave the car good acceleration, but we were unable to check the maximum speed, which we should estimate to be in the region of 75 m.p.h. The steering, though heavy, was positive and free from play. When we first took the car over the brakes, which were powerful, emitted a loud noise on application, but this wore off as our mileage increased. The gear change was one of the simplest we have ever met, and 2nd and 3rd gears were not unduly noisy.

Our chief criticism of the car lay in its inordinate appetite for oil, but as there was little indication of piston slap, it is possible that new rings would rectify this fault.

The battery was up to its work of providing adequate headlight illumination, and the dynamo charged satisfactorily. The speedometer was not working, but the revolution counter was in good order.

As to reliability, during the course of a week-end we covered some 300 miles, during which our only adjustments were two oiled-up plugs.

The price asked was 2110, and we noticed that Messrs. Denmans had many other sports models for sale in their extensive showrooms.

Brief Specification.

Engine : 6 cylinder, 66 mm. bore x90 mm. stroke, capacity 1,847 c.c. R.A.C. Rating 16.2. Tax 217. Magneto ignition, overhead valves, detachable head, water pump cooling, gravity feed.

Clutch : Single plate disc.

Gearbox : 4 forward speeds and reverse. Central change.

Transmission : Torque tube. Back axle : Spiral bevel. Springs : Front elliptic, rear elliptic. •

Brakes : Direct operation, no servo.

Chassis Dimensions : Wheel base 8′ 10″, Track 4′, Overall length 12′ 9′. Overall width 4′ 8″. Ground clearance 6. Weight 12f cwt. Tyres 4.75 x 18.

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