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THF, Abingdon to Abingdon Trial was run off on September 9th in ideal weather conditions. The first hill was Mill Lane, with its special restarting test, and this caused many pcople to lose marks straightaway. The best time of all was made by G. A. I. Forbes on a blown Magna. Nailsworth Ladder was not so fierce as was expected, but the rough surface shook people up considerably.

Immediately after lunch at the Bear Inn, Rodborough Common, came four hills in quick succession, Quarhouse, Blackness, Mutton and Iles Lane. Then came an acceleration and braking test, in which P. E. G. Lobb was the star performer. Finally competitors tackled the timed ascent of Battlescombe, where Forbes once again showed the speed of his K.3 Magna in making fastest time from K. D. Evans (J.2 Midget) and W. G. Everett (L type Magna).


M.G. Challenge Trophy (for the best performance by a member of the club driving an M.G. car).— C. A. I. Forbes (K.3 M.G. Magna).

Watkinson Cup (for the *best performance by a member of a visiting club).—W. J. B. Richardson (Singer Nine Sports).

University Motors Trophy (for the best performance in a car of over 1,100 c.c.).—W. E. C. Watkinson (Wolseley Hornet).

P. J. Evans Cup ((or the best performance in a car up to 1,100 c.c.).—W. G. Everett (L-type M.G. Magna).

Team Prize.—Singer Nine team : H. M. Avery, W. Porter and W. J. B. Richardson. First-class Awards.—H. Hearn (J.2 M.G. Midget), H. M. Avery (Singer Nine), B. J. Webb (Singer

Nine), W. Porter (Singer Nthe), G. J. Rea (M.G. Midget), R. Tibbey (Singer Nine), P. E. G. Lobb (J.2 M.G. Midget). Second-class Awards.—R. G. Macdermid (3.2 M.G. Midget), A. May (J.2 M.G. Midget), J. Shewell

Cooper (3.2 M.G. Midget), A. Z. Watson (J.2 M.G.

Midget), C. Threadgold (M.G. Mark I), F. A . 'thatcher (Triumph Southern Cross), R. S. Norem (M.G. Magna), D. Maclean (M.G. Magna), K. D. Evans (3.2 M.G. Midget), Miss K. Tatham Wader (3.2 M.G. Midget), J. H. Cheaney (3.2 M.G. Midget),

J. S. Robertson (J.2 M.G. Midget), F. B. Hawley (3.2 M.G. Midget), A. E. Cleghora (M.G. Magna), J. E. de Blaquiere (Austin Seven).


On September 3rd the Club held some speed trials at Dancer's End, near Ti-lug. Fastest time of the day was made by the irrepressible John Bolster with the Bolster Special, his time being 25 1/5secs. To complete the family triumph Dick Bolster proceeded to take second place with his G.N. in 26 4/5 secs. The rest of the class winners were R. Sparrow (driving C. H. Masters' M.G. Midget), 31 2/5 sees..

E. Jeffcoat (M.G. Midget), 33 4/5 sees., T. Bushell-King (Frazer Nash), 31 secs., C. King (M.G. Midget), 30 2/5 secs., J. Freeman (blown M.G. Midget), 27 1/5 secs.


The results of the Speed Trials on the Race Hill, Levies, on September 9th, were as follows. A report of the event appears on another page. Wolseley Hornets : 1, F. W. Botitor, 30.8 secs.; 2, J. H. Boasley, 32 secs. 1,100 c.c. Super-Sports:

1, J. 1.T. Freeman (M.G. Midget), 27.8 secs. 1,600 c.c. Standard Sports: 1, F. W. Bontor (Wolseley Special), 30.8 sees.; 2, S. E. Cummings (FrazerNash), 31.4 secs.

1,500 c.c. Super-Sports : I, R. R. Jackson (M.G. Magnette), 25.8 secs.; 2, J. H. Freeman (M.G. Midget), 27.4 secs.; 3, F. S. Hutchens (Wolseley Special), 29.8 sets.

Unlimited Super-Sports : I, R. R. Jackson (M.G. Magnette), 24.2 secs.; 2, Denis Conan Doyle (Merce&s-Benz),27.6secs. ; 3,R. J. 13. Seaman (Bugatti), 28.2 secs.

1,100 c.c. racing : I, R. R. Jackson (M.G. Magnette), 23.4 sees.; 2, G. P. Harvey Noble (Salmson), 24.8 secs.

1,500 c.c. racing : 1, J. Lemon Burton (Buga.tti), 22 secs.; 2, R. G. J. Nash (Anzani-Nash Special). 22.2 secs.; 3, G. P. Harvey Noble (Salmson), 24.4 secs.

Unlimited racing : 1, R. G. j. Nash (AnzaniNash Special), 21.2 sees.; 2, Mrs. K Petre (Bugatti), 30 secs. Handicap class: 1, R. G. J. Nash (Anzani-Nash Special), 21 secs.; 2, S. E. Cummings (Frazer. Nash), 21.4 secs.; 3,8. Bowman (Riley), 23.6 secs'