Italian disgust


I am sure that many of your readers will share my disgust at the Italian Grand Prix. Both the drivers who had won Grand-Prix during the period in which Ferrari had withdrawn from Formula One racing were relegated to the back of the grid. And what for? In Hunt’s case 0.6 of an octane more than it should have been. This would have made no difference at all I am informed by a reliable source.

Is it a coincidence that Ferrari is an Italian team and this was an Italian Grand Prix?

It seems to me as if McLaren has been victimised and McLaren could not really be blamed for those circumstances surrounding it.

I ask you what is Grand Prix motor racing coming to with all these stringent measurements? It is becoming more of a tape measure dream-boat rather than a highly exciting sport.

I have great admiration for Niki Lauda’s brave driving and nothing I have said detracts from his great performance.

Rochdale SIMON YATES (Aged 13)