VSCC thrills at Prescott

That enjoyable VSCC Hill-climb at the Bugatti OC’s Prescott course took place on August 6, the entry a massive 250 cars, from A7s to a couple of 10-litre Edwardian specials, in age from 1906 to 1963. The sponsors were Brooks Auctioneers, and Dunlop gave a trophy for the best handicap time by a sportscar on their tyres. So, in hot sunshine, the many spectators could enjoy the climbs, the bicycle racing, and the picnic atmosphere, “as nice people”, to quote Brooks, “enjoyed their nice motor cars”, in the unique Prescott “picnic environment”. In the lunch interval, Ronald Barker, the VSCC’s senior Past-President made a presentation to Neil Murray, who was competition secretary, then Secretary from 1990 until his retirement this year, and who was competing in his 1924 Aston-Martin ‘Green Pea’.

FTD: Bruce Spollon (ERA R8C), 42.33sec. Best Vintage Car: Dick Smith’s Frazer Nash, 45.51sec. Best Edwardian Car: Mark Walker (1908 GP Panhard-Levassor) 52.22sec.