Charles Morgan



Occupation: Managing Director, Morgan Motor Company

What is your greatest achievement? Five healthy, intelligent children.

What is your biggest regret? Losing my grandfather HFS Morgan and my father, Peter Morgan.

Whose work in the industry today do you admire most and why? Ulrich Eichhorn of Bentley Motors, because he worked on both the Bugatti Veyron and the car that Dr Piech drove to his last board meeting, which did 100km on a litre of fuel.

Who inspired you to join the industry and why? My grandfather Harry Morgan because he had so much fun designing and testing his cars.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given? To be remembered for being kind to people, not for the prizes you have won.

What’s the biggest challenge you’re facing in the next 12 months? To encourage the team to develop three cars ready for sale.

What car do you drive for fun? Every new Morgan.

When did you last go for a drive for the sake of it? Where did you go? Yesterday, to Herefordshire in a Morgan Aero SuperSports.

What’s the best moment you’ve had in a car? Crossing the USA in three days with my wife Kiera.

What was your first car? A Morgan F4 three-wheeler.

Did you pass your test first time? Yes, in a three-wheeler Morgan.

How will most cars be powered in 30 years time? A combination of the internal combustion engine and electricity.

It’s your last drive. One car, one road. Which and where? I’d set off for Mars in a space car.

What music do you listen to in the car? Muse – Black Holes and Revelations.

What’s the best book about cars or car people you’ve ever read? Ten Years of Motors and Motor Racing 1896-1906 by Charles Jarrott

Are Morgan waiting lists still longer than an elephant’s gestation? No! The waiting list is now around one year.

How has Morgan survived when so many other great British sports car manufacturers have gone to the wall? Because of passion, making driving fun, an extended family of friends and the economies of scale and materials.

Was the Troubleshooter documentary good or bad for Morgan? Good! It made people understand us.

Where does the LifeCar project stand at present? The LifeCar is two years from production.

When will you start selling EvaGTs, and for how much? 2012. The volume of sales leads will direct the price.