, It says a great deal for the L,M.B. Epoch that a long day’s motoring with it proved really satisfying, after driving thoroughbred motors in which quality as well as sheer performance is present to a degree that usually spoils one for cheaper cars. The L.M.B. Epoch is exceptional in that for a figure under E200 the purchaser obtains a roomy four-seater Ford Ten with independent front suspension, Marshall-Roots supercharger with automatic lubrication, remote gear-control and Andre telecontrol shock absorbers on the rear axle. The actual price is E,185, but a high-ratio rear axle costs £10, a Manes steering-box is available at El 10 0, and a 16 in. Brooklands sprung steeringwheel at E,2 (inclusive of fittings), so that a really de-luxe version is available at under E205—a truly competitive figure. That special suspension is provided, at once places the L.M.B. Epoch in a class apart from those cars that are tuned to give speed and acceleration quite out of keeping with their road-holding and

controlability. Indeed, we found that this suspension, coupled with the handy size of the car, enabled us to get through a traffic stream with as much confidence as with a race-bred motor. Forgetting the process, the urge on the indirect ratios must be written down as really impressive, for 0-50 m.p.h. occupies under 15 secs., and acceleration is brisk to beyond 60 m.p.h., while the blower has rendered the engine very smooth and improved the top-gear performance. The revs, build as with a racing-unit and very excellent double-declutch gearchanges can be made to ease things in the synchromesh department. The maximum speed is 75 m.p.h., or rather more with high-ratio axle and screen

open. On second 40-45 m.p.h. is a pleasant maximum. The brakes are entirely adequate and the Marles steering light and high-geared, with ample castor action. Fuel consumption varies from 22 m.p.g., driving hard, to 25-28 m.p.h. on long runs, and 80 m.p.g. is claimed, if one drives to obtain it. The Epoch is a quiet car, though the increasing blower whine from 50 upwards is something to please the enthusiast. The foot-operated headlamp dimmer was appreciated, likewise the easy starting and rapid warmingup. At the price L.M.B. provides a remarkable little car, which possesses real performance that can be made use of with security, and certainly is not looked for in a car of this kind, which has all the convenience of a touring job. The Epoch is also offered in unblown form at £160. For competition work duplex-valve springs are available, in which case metal timing-gears are desirable. Considerable mileage with experimental cars has resulted in the accumulation of valuable data, and interesting unblown. tuned Fords can be prepared to special order. The Epoch will make an interesting trials car, and it is amusing that L.M.B. claim to have discovered the worst piece of road in London over which to demonstrate their suspension. Runs can be booked at L.M.B. Products Ltd., 18, Leigham Hall Parade, Streatham, S.W.16 (phone ! Streatham 6822-3), mentioning MOTOR SPORT,


Richard Seaman ran through the 200Mile Race on Dunlop tyres. The eight cylinders of his Delage carried Bosch plugs fired by a Bosch magneto, to burn Esso fuel. F,sso oil lubricated Hepolite pistons and other vital internals. Seaman steered with an Ashby wheel, braked via Lockheed and Ferodo, was kept on the road by the material aid of Hartfords, and used Ferodo clutch lining.