Formula Two

Zandvoort Trophy (July 17th)

The Zandvoort Trophy race was the second of only two Formula Two races to be held this year specially reserved for non-graded drivers. Nineteen cars turned up, most with Cosworth-Ford FVA engines and the rest with Ford twin-cam engines. The Dutch organisers decided to run a 15-lap qualifying race before the 30-lap final but only to give the spectators more racing. Ickx in the Tyrrell Matra MS5 dominated this just as he had done the practice, when he astounded everyone by breaking the lap record set up a couple of months earlier by Jim Clark during his first victory in the Lotus-Ford 49. Second to Ickx in the qualifier was Irwin in a Lola, then Rees, Beltoise and Courage.

In the main race it was Ickx again and he was never challenged during his run to victory, setting a new track record of 1 min. 27.8 sec. Courage came second after Irwin's engine broke its metering unit, with Gardner fourth in a works Brabham, Beltoise fifth in a Matra and Hart sixth in a Protos. Dutch drivers Gijs van Lennep and Rob Slotemaker were both lent cars for the occasion, and young van Lennep, who drives for the Chequered Flag F.3 Daf team, drove his Winkelmann team Brabham steadily to eighth place. Slotemaker retired the second Protos with gear selection trouble. If Ickx continues to put up more performances of this nature he will not be able to take part in non-graded drivers' races in the very near future. During the race veteran driver Ian Raby crashed his Brabham and was seriously injured.


1st: J. Ickx (Matra-Cosworth MS5) (Entrant: Tyrrell Racing Organisation) 41 min. 36.6 sec.
2nd: P. Courage (McLaren-Cosworth M4A) (Entrant: John Coombs) 44 min. 58.1 sec.
3rd: F. Gardner (Brabham-Cosworth BT23) (Entrant: Motor Racing Developments) 45 min. 16.6 sec.
4th: J-P. Beltoise (Matra-Cosworth MS7) (Entrant: Matra Sports) 45 min. 44.1 sec.
5th: A. Rees (Brabham-Cosworth BT23) (Entrant: Winklemann Racing Team) 45 mins. 59.7 sec.
6th: B. Hart (Protos-Cosworth) (Entrant: Ron Harris Racing Division) 46 min. 02.0 sec.

Fastest lap: Icxk, 1 min. 27.8 sec. – 171.84 k.p.h.

Madrid (July 23rd)

Jim Clark has now won two of this year's Spanish Formula Two races, for he followed up his earlier Barcelona victory by winning the 116-mile race at the inaugural meeting on the new Jarama Circuit near Madrid.

The circuit has been built in a hilly and parched area to the north of the capital City. It was designed by the Dutchman Hugenholtz, who has packed eleven corners into just over two miles. Many of the corners are tight and the majority of drivers considered the circuit too twisty. However, the Real Automobil Club of Spain have provided superb paddock and pit facilities and are already talking about extending the circuit. Most of the regular Formula Two circus turned up, with the exception Of B.M.W. who were still ironing out their engine troubles and Ferrari who have not re-appeared since their disappointing Rouen debut. Therefore all the leading competitors were running with Cosworth-Ford FVA engines.

Whilst leading in the opening stages. Clark had one of his rare spins and Rindt did likewise, to leave Stewart’s new Tyrrell MS7 Matra in the lead. Clark quickly made up for the error and overhauled Stewart at half distance to take the Team Lotus 48 to victory, with Stewart some way behind in second place. Irwin in the works Lola had another good race, passing Brabham for third position towards the end when the World Champion's car lost power due to fuel pump and tyre problems. Rindt's rear tyres were damaged in his spin and started to deflate, causing his retirement before half distance. Non-graded drivers Servoz-Gavin in a works Matra MS5 and Redman in the David Bridges team Lola put in good performances to finish fifth and sixth. A. R. M.


1st: J. Clark (Lotus 48-Cosworth FVA) (Entrant: Team Lotus) 1 hr. 25 min. 29.0 sec. – 131.5 k.p.h.
2nd: J. Stewart (Matra MS7-Cosworth) (Entrant: Tyrrell Racing Organisation) 1 hr. 25 min. 37.0 sec.
3rd: C. Irwin (Lola T100-Cosworth FVA) (Entrant: Lola Racing) 1 hr. 26 min 43.2 sec.
4th: J. Brabham (Brabham BT23-Cosworth FVA) (Entrant Motor Racing Developments) 1 hr. 26 min. 53.7 sec.
5th: J. Servoz-Gavin (Matra MS5-FVA) (Entrant: Matra Sports) 1 lap down
6th: B. Redman (Lolta T100-Cosworth FVA) (Entrant: David Bridges Racing) 1 lap down

Fastest lap: Clark, 1 min. 30.7 sec. – 135.12 k.p.h.

Karlskoga (August 13th)

Although the Swedes could only afford to invite 15 cars to their Formula Two race at Karlskoga, as they are saving money for a circuit extension, they were fortunate for it developed into a tremendous three-cornered scrap between Stewart, Clark and Rindt.

These three were fastest in practice, with Only 0.1 sec. separating them, and as soon as the race was on it was obvious that they were still very evenly matched. Stewart and Rindt did all the leading while Clark, whose Lotus did not seem to be handling as well as the Matra and the Brabham, had to he content to remain third. The lead swapped regularly and Stewart did not clinch the victory until two laps from the end when Rindt slowed for a fraction when his cockpit filled up with smoke from the oil overflow catch tank which had filled up. Clark was third, while Frenchman Schlesser was fourth in his private Matra after an early dice with Widdows (Brabham). Several clutches gave trouble, causing the retirements of Gardner (Brabham) when fourth, Mitter (Brabham), and Oliver (Lotus 41B). Rindt set up a new circuit record at 1 min. 17.2 sec.

Surprisingly this was Stewart's first ever win in the 1,600-c.c. Formula Two and it was the Tyrrell Matra team's third win of the season.

Results :

1st: J. Stewart (Matra-Cosworth MS7) (Entrant: Tyrrell Racing Organisation) 41 min. 36.6 sec.
2nd: J. Rindt (Brabham-Cosworth BT23) (Entrant: Winklemann Racing Team) 41 min. 37.5 sec.
3rd: J. Clark (Lotus-Cosworth 48) (Entrant: Team Lotus) 42 min. 44.7 sec.
4th: J. SchIesser (Matra-Cosworth MS5) (Entrant : Ford France) 42 min. 51.9 sec.
5th: G. Hill (Lotus-Cosworth 48) (Entrant: Team Lotus) 42 min. 55.8 sec.
6th: Ickx (Matra-Cosworth MS5) (Entrant: Matra Sports) 31 laps.

Fastest lap: Rindt, 1 min. 17.2 sec. – 139.896 k.p.h.

There was a supporting event for Group 4 and 6 cars which attracted the J.W. Automotive Engineering Mirages, with lckx and Bonnier at the wheels. Ickx ran to an easy win but Bonnier had to fight hard to get in front of the Swede Yngve Rosqvist who drove a Lola T70 Mk. 3 GT. A. R. M.