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Page 20 of May 1961 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, May 1961

Veteran- Edwardian - Vintage

A Section Devoted to Old-Car Matters V.S.C.C. POMEROY TROPHY CONTEST (March 26th) Pomeroy Trophy : A. Doggett (1956 Aston Martin). Silver Bowl : I. Smith (1960.T.V.R.). First-Class Awards : A. Twentyman (1960 Aston Martin). L. Durdin (1925 Vauxhall), A. Rippon (1960 Alfa Romeo), R. Pilkington (1960 A.C.), R. Bickerton (1935 Frazer Nash). Second-Class Awards: G. Daniels (1929 Bentley), C. Clinton...

Page 71 of May 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 71, May 1967

(No visible title)

Sir, I have learned a lot from the correspondence on this topic, but I must confess I have not found any cause to modify my views that twin o.h.c. were commercially unacceptable in 1930, or that Jaguar were the first firm to make them so. Your correspondents have suggested some half-dozen twin cam engines made up to 1939 which achieved a high standard of refinement, namely Alfa Romeo, Sunbeam,...

Page 8 of November 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 8, November 1993

Project Trust

The Grand Prix Mechanics' Charitable Trust day at Silverstone on October 6, organised by Jackie Stewart, was adjudged a huge success. As detailed last month, participants paid £120 for the right to be chauffeured around the GP circuit by Luca Badoer, Mark Blundell, Martin Brundle, Erik Comas, Andrea de Cesaris, Mika Hakkinen, Johnny Herbert, Damon Hill, Pedro Lamy, Ukyo Katayama, Nicola Larini,...

Page 21 of August 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, August 1971

1971 British Grand Prix race report - Stewart and Tyrrell again

  Although the British Grand Prix does not have a long and venerable history, like the French Grand Prix, it does have the distinction of being held continuously since 1948, mostly at the Silverstone airfield circuit; with occasional digressions to Aintree and Brands Hatch. There were some British Grand Prix races held at Brooklands in the twenties, but they died along with any influence we had...

Page 8 of August 1994 archive issue thumbnail Page 8, August 1994


Carlo Chiti One of the more colourful figures in the F1 design world in the '60s, Carlo Chiti succumbed to a heart attack recently. The familiar figure – stout and usually clad in a fawn raincoat – seemed to have been on the scene for decades, and unsurprisingly he made his name with Ferrari. When Mike Hawthorn won his World Championship with the Ferrari Dino back in 1958, it was Chiti who ran...

Page 32 of December 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, December 1977

Around and about

Alfa announcements The Italian taxpayer's view may be very different, hut from where we sit Alfa Romeo is doing a grand job for Italy. The range is now one of the freshest in Europe and contains some interesting engineering at a time when conforming seems to be the key to survival. In Britain the Alfasud Sprint coupe has been introduced to the market at virtually £4,000, while in Europe the...

Page 62 of November 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 62, November 1993

Invisible touches

More of a muscle-tone than a face-lift, Alfa's revisions to its executive flyer are significant, but almost invisible. Added side protection which you can't see, new bumpers which you won't notice, different headlamps if you peer at them, and a revitalised V6 engine concealed behind that heart-shaped grille. You can't see that, either — but you can hear it. A strident, musical wail, electrifying...

Page 44 of June 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, June 1967

1,000 kilometres of Francorchamps

A very wet but interesting race Spa, Belgium, May 1st. Taking place as it did, only a week after the Monza 1,000-kilometre race for Prototypes. Sports cars and GT cars, the Belgian event on the magnificent Spa-Francorchamps circuit stretched many of the teams to the limit as regards time and mechanics' work. In spite of this the entry was pretty good and certainly as interesting as Monza, if not...

Page 29 of October 1988 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, October 1988

Tribute: Enzo Ferrari 1898-1988

The mantle of mystique Anyone who lives beyond man’s natural span of “three score years and 10” has to be respected, and to live a further 20 years demands admiration. If that man has devoted nearly 70 of those years to a passion for racing cars and motor racing, then those of us who believe in motor racing as a way of life must hold the greatest admiration for such a man, and such a man was Enzo...

Page 45 of January 1964 archive issue thumbnail Page 45, January 1964

The 2.6 Alfa Romeo

Sir, You could have knocked me down with the proverbial feather when, on purchasing my regular copy of Motor Sport in November, I discovered your road test report on the Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint. We owners are, I imagine, a relatively small band, and I, for one, scarcely expected to read any road-test report anywhere, particularly since I don't read Italian. To find one in the best of magazines is...



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