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Page 26 of May 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, May 1967

"The Vintage Alvis"

by Peter Hull and Norman Johnson. 400 pp. 9 in. x 6 in. (Macdonald & Co. Ltd., Gulf House, 2, Portman Street, London, W.1. 126s.) This long-awaited one-make, almost one-model, history by Peter Hull of the V.S.C.C. and Norman Johnson of the 12/50 Alvis Register may be expensive but it comes fully up to expectations and brings Macdonald to the forefront of specialist one-make book publishers....

Page 44 of January 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, January 1931

here and there

IH IE ik IE (IdJ II-1 E IR E By /atrzsizaft" That Radiator Strip. THE popular fashion for a chromium plated strip running down the centre of the radiator has met with criticism in certain quarters. It has often been said that use is ornament, and that ornament without use is unwarranted artistically. On most cars where this radiator strip is fitted it serves no purpose whatever and artistic...

Page 8 of December 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 8, December 1933


A NEW ALVIS MODEL AN INTERMEDIARY CAR TO FILL THE GAP BETWEEN THE " FIREFLY " AND THE SPEED TWENTY. IN order to meet the demand for a car which has all the roadworthiness of the famous " Firefly," but with the addition of a more powerful 6 cylinder engine, the Alvis Company have introduced a new car called the ' Sixteen." The engine is a 6 cylinder unit with dimensions of 67.5 x 100, giving a...

Page 21 of March 1958 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, March 1958

The Editor Investigates the Position of Britain's Coventry-Built Quality Cars

The demise, last year, of the Lanchester, one of Britain'a oldest makes, saddened the hearts of people who hold the products of our long-established manufacturers in high esteem, believing these vehicles not only to possess considerable prestige value but to be without counterpart anywhere else in the world. Hearing alarming accounts in the City that others of our famous quality cars might follow...

Page 32 of September 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, September 1967

Vintage postbag

Alvis Pros and Cons Sir, In your "Further Thoughts about The Vintage Alvis'" you mention that my book "Alvis Car 1920-1966" does not go into the merits and demerits of the various Alvis models. There are two reasons for this, quite apart from lack of space, First, I was far more concerned to spotlight the fine technical and racing achievements of the Alvis Company for which, in the opinion of...

Page 81 of December 1995 archive issue thumbnail Page 81, December 1995

FWD Alvis Survival

Quite why the Alvis Car & Engineering Company of Coventry introduced their innovative frontwheel-drive car in 1928, when they had a highly successful range of very fine normal models, is something of a mystery. I recollect that when I drove one of these FWD Alvises it seemed noisy, from the transmission and supercharger gears, with a difficult gear change and that intimidating long flat...

Page 10 of February 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, February 1934


THE ALVIS "SPEED TWENTY" A High Cruising Speed and First-Class Road Holding at all Speeds are Features of 1934 Model with Independent Front Springing. THE Alvis Company has always earned tne respect of discerning motorists, partly for the extra° dinary wearing quality of their products, and also for their pioneer work in incorporating unorthodox features of design ahead of other manufacturers....

Page 53 of July 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 53, July 1967

Book reviews

"The 1100 Companion," by Kenneth Ullyett. 184 pp., 8 1/2 in. x 5 1/2 in. (Stanley Paul & Co., 178-202, Great Portland Street, London, W.1. 25s.) It could be said of this book about the B.M.C. 1100 range of cars that all or nearly all of it has been published previously. But that is unfair, because such comment applies to many works of reference and history and the value of such works is that...

Page 10 of June 1943 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, June 1943

The racing history of the Alvis company

Although Sunbeam and Bentley are universally acclaimed as having established British racing prestige before E.R.A. came into the picture, by reason of successes in Grands Prix and sports-car races, respectively, many people overlook the fact that several other British concerns have built more than isolated examples of special racing cars in order to support classic races, sprint events in this...

Page 32 of July 1925 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, July 1925

"Many Happy Returns of the Day."

"Many Happy Returns of the Day." LETTERS FROM READERS ON OUR BIRTHDAY ISSUE. The Editor, THE BROOKLANDS GAZETTE, I2ilt June, 1925. Dear Sir, _ May I be permitted to offer you, on the occasion of the first Birthday of THE BROOKLANDS GAZETTE, my very sincere congratulations. THE BROOKLANDS GAZETTE has undoubtedly filled a very definite want in the motor world—that of a paper entirely devoted to the...



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