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Page 20 of April 1947 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, April 1947

Continental Races

Maserati Success in First Post-Waw Argentine Grand Prix Luigi Villoresi beats Varzi's 3-litre Alfa-Romeo in 1 1/2-litre 16-valve car Before a large crowd, which included the President of Argentina, the President of the Central Bank, and their ladies, Buenos Aires' first post-war International race was run off on February 9th, over a course of about 1 1/2 miles to a lap, which had to be covered 50...

Page 13 of December 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, December 1934


LOOKING BACK ON 1934 A MAGNIFICENT RACING SEASON—GREAT INCREASE IN SPEEDS AND ROAD HOLDING—GERMAN CARS PROVE ALL-CONQUERING IN THE CLOSING G.P. RACES —RECORDS AT BROOKLANDS, DONINGTON AND SHELSLEY. GRAND PRIX RACING. N0 matter how severe may be the attitude towards motor racing in official British quarters, there is no doubt that on the Continent the sport has had , a triumphant season during...

Page 11 of July 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 11, July 1934


Motor Racing and the English Public. COMPARED with the crowds who assemble at every corner round the motor-cycle T.T. course, the number of spectators who watched the Mannin races at Douglas this year was disappointingly small. The Stand, which consisted of four "bays," each holding perhaps 200 people each, was only threequarters full, and there was no difficulty in getting to the front line at...

Page 12 of October 1949 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, October 1949

Reports of Recent Events

Pescara Sports Car Race This was won at 75.2 m.p.h. by Roll's 2 1/2-litre Alfa-Romeo in spite of heavy rain. He beat Vallone's Ferrari and Louveau's Delage. Fagioli's O.S.C.A. won the 1,100-c.c. class. V.S.C.C. Members Day at Prescott p>On August 27th, the Vintage S.C.C. held its annual speed hill-climb at Prescott. F.t.d. was made by Stubberfield's Type 35 1927 Bugatti, now a single-seater,...

Page 46 of October 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, October 1999

First Sightings

Before the television age, the first chance British enthusiasts had to see the Grand Prix cars was at Brooklands, often long after their GP career was over. Bill Boddy recalls them In the days before TV coverage of motor racing, the first opportunity for enthusiasts to actually see Grand Prix cars in action was usually at Brooklands, except for the very few who went abroad. Anyway, GP racing...

Page 42 of August 1935 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, August 1935


FAGIOLI WINS AT BARCELONA An easy race for the Mercedes-Benz, in spite of gallant opposition by Nuvolari's Alfa-Romeo NOT until a few weeks before it was actually run was it a matter of certainty that the Penya Rhin G.P. would be held. However, the alteration in the date from June znd to 3oth was finally sanctioned by the A.I.A.C.A., and the circuit in the Montjuich Park, Barcelona, put into...

Page 42 of September 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, September 1934


TRAGEDY MARS THE COPPA ACERBO GUY MOLL MEETS HIS DEATH AT PESCARA-RACE WON BY FAGIOLI (MERCEDES-BENZ) WITH NUVOLARI (MASERATI) SECOND. CHIRON AND CARACCIOLA BOTH HAVE NARROW ESCAPES FROM INJURY. ROBABLY the most fiereely con tested road race of the season, the Coppa Acerb°, on August 12th, culminated in a victory for the German .Mercedes-Benz, driven by Luigi Fagioli. The Ferrari Alfa-komeos,...

Page 36 of October 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, October 1933


CIIRON'S FIRST VICTORY THIS YEAR The French Champion Wins the Marseilles G.P. at Miramas at the Wheel of a Monoposto" Alfa-Romeo. Baron De Walthausen Killed. LAST year'8 Marseilles. Grand Prix was a tremendous success from the financial point of view. The crowd turned up in tens Of thousands, and every one of them determined not to miss the 1933 race. This large attendance, of course, has the...

Page 28 of February 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, February 1933

Bugatti Plans.

Bugatti Plans. Bugatti is definitely running a team, composed of Varzi, Williams, Dreyfus and Divo throughout the season. We are informed by no less an authority than M. Ettore Bugatti himself that the cars will be of 2.8 litres engine capacity, but he is unable as yet to divulge any further particulars, although these may be annum-iced any day now. The entry of two 5-litre unnamed cars for Le...

Page 80 of June 2001 archive issue thumbnail Page 80, June 2001

Chariots of a flyer

Richar Shuttleworth enjoyed a background gew can dream of. And he made the most of it, as Bill Boddy reveals p>Richard Ormonde (after Lord Ormonde, a godfather) Shuttleworth was born on July 16,1909, at the 7500-acre Old Warden estate at Biggleswade in rural Bedfordshire. His father, Colonel Frank Shuttleworth, had married his mother when he was 57 and she was 23. She was the daughter of the...



January 2020
Racing Rivalries: The 25 most explosive battles between drivers, teams, cars... and families.



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