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Page 44 of May 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, May 1987

Road impressions: Sporting Vauxhalls

The good, the bad and the ugly Three separate slots in the Vauxhall range have each been topped with new high profile performance variants. Most important of these is a 3-litre version of the newest Carlton, the GSi 3000, with a top speed of just under 140 mph, but the by-now very familiar Cavalier and Astra models both benefit from the development of a new range of engines which includes a 1.8...

Page 60 of June 1970 archive issue thumbnail Page 60, June 1970


A Sports Shooting-Brake THIS IS to some extent in the nature of a recap., because the pros and cons of the 3-litre Ford V6-engined, plastic-bodied Reliant Scimitar in normal form were discussed in MOTOR SPORT in September 1968. Shortly after this the Tamworth Company, noted maker of tricycles, with a sporting three-wheeler in the offing, announced its interesting, unique GTE, or sports shooting-...

Page 17 of December 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, December 2012

McLaren sets sights on Le Mans comeback

McLaren sets sights on Le Mans comeback McLaren is on course to reenter top-flight endurance racing next year with a version of its MP4-12C sports car eligible for the Le Mans 24 Hours. The British manufacturer, which won Le Mans with the Fl GTR in 1995, has revealed that it is well underway with development of a GTE version of the MP4-12C already racing in GT3. McLaren hasn't ruled out taking...

Page 30 of February 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, February 1978

Ferrari fascination

A look at David Clarke and his Graypaul Motors Ltd. David Clarke is one of those fortunate motoring enthusiasts who has successfully moulded his hobby into a commercial enterprise with an enviable, world-wide reputation. What started off as a little bit of self-indulgence with the purchase of a 1951 Ferrari 212 Export in 1960 led to a consuming passion for Ferraris, the assembly of his own...

Page 48 of January 1995 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, January 1995

Hot Seat

How perceptions of a nation's place in the scheme of things can change. According to recent statistics, Spain now lies third in Europe's car production table, behind Germany and France, but ahead of the UK and Italy. As Seat looks to double its annual output to around 320,000 units, this position of apparent strength should be sustainable. Under VW's patronage, Seat has steamrollered its way to...

Page 28 of April 1969 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, April 1969

Some Italian Cars

Never having led a very regulated or orderly life I tend to let things happen as they will and adjust myself accordingly. Consequently when everything started having an Italian flavour recently I plunged in, but took the precaution of watering down too much Italian influence by borrowing a Lotus Elan Plus Two for some varied motoring. It all started when the man from Auto-Models Ltd., of 79,...

Page 58 of October 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, October 1987

Astral Projection

For some while the Astra GTE appeared to become the forgotten sports-hatch; although there was a good deal of noise when the original GTE arrived, the newer shape somehow became left behind as new arrivals like the Lancia Delta HF Turbo and the 16-valve Golf pushed the horsepower standard up to 130-plus. Now it is back in the hunt, with 124 bhp to play with. No turbos or multivalve heads here:...

Page 50 of October 1991 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, October 1991

Road Test -- Caterham Super 7 HPC

Vim and vigour Since 1957 the Lotus 7 and its 1973 licensed successor, Caterham Super 7, have attracted hardened Britons and an increasing export market to purchases that many see as the equivalent of buying a Morgan.This is not quite the truth: traditional the Seven may be, but it has been developed to the last detail within its traditional format, and we can think of many mass manufacturers who...

Page 29 of September 1974 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, September 1974

Road Test

The Ford Capri Ghia 3-litre and the Reliant Scimitar GTE Many of us reflected at the time of the introduction of the three-door Ford Capri II models how obviously Ford had cribbed the idea of a three-door sporting estate car from that long-standing Tamworth customer of theirs, the Reliant Motor Group Ltd., who pioneered this concept with the GTE. In the light of this resemblance of recipe, we...

Page 11 of August 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 11, August 2012


CONTRIBUTORS With 10 British World Champions (plus a curved ball) to laud in our special poll issue, we asked the best writers in the business to help you choose Britain's favourite Fl hero. Nigel Mansell always stirred up passions, as DAVID TREMAYNE makes clear in his very personal profile of the Brummie baffler. Tremayne was in the paddock for much of Mansell's career, so he's well placed to...



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