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Page 37 of May 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, May 1971

Brands Hatch jottings

Once again Colin Chapman and Maurice Philippe have produced something really new for Grand Prix racing. Last year it was the Lotus 72, this year it is the Lotus turbine car. In the wet on Friday it was very impressive, but this was more due to the smooth power and four-wheel-drive than the turbine conception. Throughout practice it ran smoothly and quietly, with no problems apart from changes of...

Page 3 of October 1940 archive issue thumbnail Page 3, October 1940

Cars I have owned

[Here is another article of this popular series, this time by peter clark, a truly versatile amateur, well known for his le mans successes with the h.r.g., his trials exploits and his interest in edwardians.—ed.] My first velocipede was a B.S.A. three-wheeler sports, chiefly notable in that it was bought (secondhand) from H. M. Bentley and Partners. It was not very fast, about 65 flat out, but...

Page 28 of December 1969 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, December 1969

American Comment

THE 1969 Can-Am series has been completed and despite all the dire forecasts by the prophets of doom there now seems little doubt that it was a success. It is true that the series was completely monopolised by the McLaren team, with McLaren scoring six wins to Hulme's five and the pair of them finishing first and second in all but three of the eleven races. It is also true that after being...

Page 50 of January 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, January 1979

Plug Cleaner

Sparking plugs can be ignored between services in most modern engines, but this is not always the case for some of us with engines of older vintage. Having had experience with fouled plugs on the Maserati 300S and Lister-Jaguar I drove this year, I thought that Command Auto Accessories' new Spark Plug Cleaner might be the in-the-paddock solution to future problems. In effect this cleaner is a...

Page 55 of May 1980 archive issue thumbnail Page 55, May 1980

Take one Capri 3.0S . . .

A muscular Series X car from Ford  Nearly two years and an inflationary £1,232 since the Motor Sport road test in August 1978, Ford's Capri 3.0S still justifies the tag of the best value-for-money performance car on the market. This versatile, 120 m.p.h., four-seater hatchback is such a good basic package and so responsive to development that now, as then, it remains the car to beat in the...

Page 55 of March 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 55, March 1977

The Brazilian Grand Prix

Reutemann wins through the carnage Sao Paulo, January 23rd After two weeks of feverish activity following the Argentine Grand Prix, the second round of the 1977 World Championship series took place at the sinuous, bumpy 4.946-mile Interlagos track amidst the bustling suburbs of Sao Paulo in Brazil. Although many of the drivers enjoyed an easy time relaxing on sun-soaked beaches along the South...

Page 33 of December 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, December 1978

Porsche 924 Turbo

With 170 b.h.p. on tap, Porsche's turbocharged version of their 924 is claimed to be the most powerful 2-litre production sports car in the World. It will reach 60 m.p.h. from a standing start in 7.6 sec and has a maximum speed of 140 m.p.h. Maximum power is produced at 5,500 r.p.m. and compares with 125 bhp at 5,800 r.p.m from the standard fuel injected 924. Torque is increased from in 121.5 lb-...

Page 22 of July 1988 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, July 1988

A Welcome Return

Montreal, June 12 The Canadian Grand Prix was cancelled last year, mainly due to a dispute between the two big Canadian breweries, Labatt and Molson, as to who should sponsor the event. The decision finally went to Molson's Breweries, but only after the closing date for FIA/FISA acceptance, and in addition to this big-business wrangle there was also the question of the pits and paddock...

Page 16 of July 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, July 1999

Me too

Sir, Gavin Ross (Letters, January) expressed exactly my thoughts regarding the 'new look' MOTOR SPORT. I miss comment on the contemporary racing scenes - please don't make me buy Autocar! How about a photo-montage centre spread, as was published 30 years ago? The brilliant portrait of Sir Jack Brabham was well worth the cover charge alone. I am, yours, etc. Richard Owen, Landaff, Cardiff

Page 93 of December 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 93, December 2000

Festival of speed

Video- Festival of speed 2000 Produced by Goodwood RRC, £14.95 To be frank, with a video to review and a deadline approaching, I was ready to fast-forward through this. After all, I was there, I've seen most of the cars — surely this would just be a replay. Wrong. I watched the whole thing, and enjoyed it. It's fronted by people who know and love cars, and it shows, whether it is Alain de Cadenet...



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