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Page 56 of September 2009 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, September 2009

Lunch with... Derek Bell

He’s the English gentleman who’s scored more sports car wins than even he can remember, although no one will ever forget his record at Le Mans and Daytona By Simon Taylor Derek Bell is, quintessentially, an Englishman. He has raced with enormous success in the USA, where he is a popular figure; his wife Misti is American, and he spends much of the year at his waterside house in Boca Raton,...

Page 32 of June 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, June 1971

American comment

The SCCA has launched its 1971 professional season with the first two (out of eight) Continental Championship races for Formula A (5000) cars, and the first (out of 11) Trans-Am Championship events for sports saloons. The premier series, the Can-Am Championship, does not begin until the middle of this month, thus avoiding a clash with Indianapolis, most of the World Manufacturers' Championship...

Page 24 of June 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, June 1971

The Grand Prix scene

Now that the dust has settled after two World Championship Grand Prix races and five non-championship Formula One races (this is being written and printed just before the Monaco GP), it might be as well to take stock of the situation. The remarkable thing about 1971 so far is that we have had five Formula One events not part of the World Championship series, and these have allowed new drivers to...

Page 24 of November 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, November 1972

Californian tales

The Assistant Editor is let loose in the USA California Interstate 5 joins Los Angeles and San Francisco. It is a fast Freeway with little traffic and the Jensen Interceptor III was gobbling up 90 or even 100 miles each hour. The cotton fields flashed by; we would be back in San Francisco by 4 p.m. Lazily I looked in the mirror and there it was. Both red lights flashing and about three feet off...

Page 23 of July 2005 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, July 2005


The Shelsley Walsh Story by Simon Taylor. ISBN184425 090 3, published by Haynes, £30.00 Before we get accused of bias, yes Simon Taylor is the author. And yes there is the lingering threat of a P45 appearing in the internal post should the review be less than glowing. Fortunate for us, then, that it's actually a very enjoyable read, recounting the history of the hallowed Worcestershire hillclimb...

Page 25 of July 2006 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, July 2006

Donohue and the M16

Sir, Your article on the McLaren M16 in the May issue reminds me of the very favourable early impression it made upon at least one of the drivers. I had been at university with Mark Donohue and spent a couple of days visiting him in March 1971. He had just returned from an intensive series of tests in the new M16 at Indy, a Ferrari 512 for Sebring, and a Lola F5000 car for the Questor GP at...

Page 56 of May 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, May 1971

Andretti wins again for Ferrari

F.1 v F.A is no-contest Ontario, California, March 28th Money talks in motor racing and particularly when the currency is American dollars. So when the Ontario Motor Speedway, constructed last year at a cost of a vast 25 1/2 million dollars, decided to stage a road race for Formula One and American Formula A cars, everyone started to take interest, particularly when a prize fund of $278,400 was...

Page 36 of October 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, October 2002

Black magic

After a childhood spent pushing the Corgi model along the carpets of Great Britain, Paul Fearnley finally gets his sticky mitts on a real Lotus 72. Worth the wait? You bet! There are numerous cars greater than the sum of all their parts. There are few, though, infinitely greater. And this is one of them. From its Unipart-sourced pressure cap to the tinsnips-and-blob weld guard at the base of the...

Page 75 of August 2009 archive issue thumbnail Page 75, August 2009

Lunch with Tim Schenken

This affable Aussie made it in F1 and sports cars, and ran his own team, before helping to shape motor sport back home By Simon Taylor What do racers do when they stop racing? All that competitive edge has to go somewhere. Many attack the world of business with the same will to win that they displayed in the cockpit. Others find ways to stay close to the sport, running a team, or even building...

Page 38 of October 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, October 2000

Field of dreams

This year's American Grand Prix at Indianapolis is not the first time Formula One cars have raced on oval-cum-road course. Adam Cooper recalls the 1971 Questor GP During a visit to a NASCAR race at Riverside back in 1987, I decided to track down another famous southern Californian venue. I was aware that Ontario Motor Speedway had been closed for seven years, but I nevertheless expected to find...



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