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Page 19 of September 1974 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, September 1974

Matters of moment

Hanging The Masterpiece In Oils If the amount of publicity it received is any criterion, the outstanding event of August was Castrol's Great Motoring Extravaganza, celebrating 75 years of this famous lubricating-oil. Having framed their masterpiece (see Motor Sport April issue, pp. 336-338) Castrol Limited then hung it up, in the better sense of that term, with a unique display of ancient and...

Page 44 of March 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, March 1983

"I worked at Rolls-Royce"

We have received the following from Mr. A. F. Atterbury: I started working for Rolls-Royce at Derby as an errand boy at the age of 14 in February 1935 for Mr. E. W. Hives. My starting wage was 9s 6d (47½p). "H.S.", as he was known was then the head of the Experimental Department, and his assistant, who was in thy same office, was Mr. W. A. Robotham. H.S. generally looked after the aero-engine...

Page 42 of February 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, February 1978

My Year's Motoring

The Editor Looks Back on the Cars He Drove During 1977 Nineteen-seventy-seven was an enjoyable motoring year, even if some of the faster, better motor cars eluded me just as it is becoming increasingly apparent to me that ever-younger Policemen are being recruited these days, and that old standards are fast vanishing, so do I accept that road-testing and otherwise sampling a mere three-dozen or...

Page 115 of June 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 115, June 1982

Bentley Mulsanne Turbo

SINCE W.B.'s words in April's "Matters of Moment", we have had the chance to sample the turbocharged version of the Bentley Mulsanne, albeit briefly. Unashamedly aimed at restoring some of the individuality to the marque, lost when the last R-Type rolled off the production line more than a quarter of a century ago, the Mulsanne Turbo will widen the appeal of Rolls-Royce Motors' products as well...

Page 34 of April 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, April 1977

A New Silver Shadow

Anything new from Rolls-Royce is significant, even if it is of little consequence to the man-in-the-street. However, the latest comprehensive revisions to the Silver Shadow to produce a Mk. II version, coupled with a price increase of nearly £4,000, are more significant than usual because they reflect an outstanding success story from at least one section of the British motor industry, even if...

Page 98 of July 1986 archive issue thumbnail Page 98, July 1986

Another Centenary celebration

The Worshipful Company of Coachmakers and Coach Harness Makers quite rightly regards the 100th birthday of the motor car to have occured in 1986 and it duly celebrated the occasion at Ragley Hall seat of the Marquis of Hertford, with the Master, Richard Dennis Casseley Dallimore heading the Court. A fine assembly of cars both ancient and modern had been assembled and among the coachbuilders...

Page 55 of May 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 55, May 1975


ROLLS-ROYCE OF CREWE ROLLS' ROYCE MOTOR SPORT visits the Most Successful British Motor Company and gets updated on "The Best Car in the World". SEVERAL YEARS having passed since I last went to the Rolls-Royce factory at Crewe, where the Silver Shadow carries on the R-R "Best Car" tradition, it so happened that my recent visit coincided with the announcement of a very satisfactory financial year...

Page 77 of May 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 77, May 1975

Camargue Enlightenment

Camargue Enlightenment Sir, With reference to your interesting and thought-provoking article in the April edition of MOTOR SPORT concerning the new Rolls-Royce Camargue the enclosed cutting from the Sunday Times Business News Section, March 30th [referring to £7,000 profit per Camargue and Rolls-Royce Motors' general financial position—Ed.], may throw some light on the question of "rip-off" v. "...

Page 48 of November 1988 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, November 1988

Road impressions

A special kind of motoring Time was when to receive a Derby or Crewe Bentley or Rolls-Royce for test was a rare event. These days Rolls-Royce Motors has seen the light, and allows many more motoring writers to sample its products. On September 19 a selection to the total value of £165,000 was assembled at Chateau Impney near Droitwich for another West Midlands driving-day and having done my first...

Page 28 of April 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, April 1983

Chauffeurs' corner

It has been some time since I interviewed a chauffeur of long standing but last month I projected the Alfa Romeo into the Cotswolds to meet Sydney Luckhurst, who has driven one family through five generations. His father was employed at Lord Vestey's London estate at Kingswood, where Pink was the head-chauffeur, and it was suggested that the young Sydney should help with the cars. He learned to...



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