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Page 22 of February 1953 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, February 1953

Enthusiasts Directory: No. 5 -- Branded petrol

Introduction From February 1st  onwards the lot of sports-car and high-performance car users will be a happier one, for branded petrol will be available again for the first time since before World War II, and with it higher octane grades of good quality fuel in place of the universal, paraffin-like "Pool" with which we have put up for over 13 years. Moreover, competition will again be keen...

Page 23 of September 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, September 1975

Looking Back with Mike Hailwood

Few competitors have made the transition from motorcycle racing to the world of Formula One with the same success as Mike Hailwood. John Surtees of course, for whom Hailwood drove Grand Prix cars for over two years, won seven World Championships on two wheels as well as one on four wheels, but apart from him only a small handful attempted the switch. Geoff Duke tried abortively, while Gary...

Page 9 of February 1957 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, February 1957

Matters Of Moment

The Great Petrol Muddle No excuse is needed for referring again to petrol rationing, because it is the subject foremost in the minds of motorists. Without debating whether or not rationing is necessary, there is no doubt about the muddled manner in which it is being applied. The Government announced the basic ration as a "generous allowance, double that of war-time rationing," overlooking the...

Page 77 of May 1995 archive issue thumbnail Page 77, May 1995

Petroleum Scares

Those readers who have read Motor Sport for a very long time, or who have bought back numbers or the older bound volumes, no doubt at astronomical prices, may have scanned the "General Notes" columns with which I filled part of the magazine during the war years. They comprised somewhat guarded accounts of the sort of motoring some of us still managed to enjoy in spite of petrol rationing, the...

Page 24 of February 1957 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, February 1957

Test Report On The Lotus Eleven Sports

On the eve of the petrol famine Motor Sport was loaned for test a bright yellow Mk. XI Lotus two-seater. The Lotus ranks today where Amilcar and Bugatti stood in the eyes of enthusiasts in the gay 'twenties and any version is an exciting proposition. A year ago we sampled the joy of driving a Lotus-Climax, but the car which forms the subject of the present test is a tamed version, powered by a...

Page 30 of April 2009 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, April 2009

iQ tested against the Mini

Fifty years ago this month, a new small car was launched to the press. In the post-Suez era, the need for a compact and economical offering was seen as critical by both the British Government and BMC, not least because there was a desire verging on compulsion to repel the invasion of the German bubble cars which, perhaps without the greatest justification, were feared to be on the point of...

Page 60 of January 1995 archive issue thumbnail Page 60, January 1995

Those "Boxing Night Exeters"

I thought that, in this age of a great many highly organised events for the older cars and with the real MCC Exeter Trial approaching, it might be worth recalling some quite unofficial fun in which a few true vintage-car enthusiasts participated some years ago. I refer to the "Boxing Night Exeters" which Motor Sport and I ran back in the 1950s. The idea was to re-enact the earlier Motor Cycling...

Page 72 of September 2005 archive issue thumbnail Page 72, September 2005

Chequered history

The Chequered Flag was among the most visible race and rally teams of the '60s and '70s. Richard Heseltine catches up with former principal and wheeler-dealer Graham Warner Well that's progress for you. Earlier this year another slice of motor racing lore slipped away unobserved and without comment: the Chequered Flag on Chiswick High Road is no more, razed to make way for an apartment block....

Page 28 of January 1965 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, January 1965

The cars of Betty Haig

Described to the Editor in a recent interview Late in November I drove out of Hampshire and across the rolling Berkshire downs, bleak under a blanket of grey cloud, to Shellingford, to talk to Betty Haig, grand niece of Field-Marshal the Earl Haig, K.G., G.C.B., O.M., about the cars she has owned, and driven in rallies, races and sprints. As I talked to this keen lady racing motorist in a study...

Page 80 of February 2009 archive issue thumbnail Page 80, February 2009

Lunch with... David Piper

He is the farmer turned privateer racer who spent years touring Europe, and winning in a succession of great sports cars. Today 'Piper green' Ferraris still grace historic events In motor sport these days, the term ‘privateer’ has fallen into disuse. Outside the professional teams, most serious racers either have access to much personal wealth – their own or somebody else’s – or a commercial...



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