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Page 70 of May 1966 archive issue thumbnail Page 70, May 1966

Letters from Readers.

N.B. —Opinions expressed are those of our Correspondents and "Motor Sport" does not necessarily associate itself with them.— Ed An appalling prospect. Sir, I commend you for your stand against bureaucratic control of the motorist. As an American motor enthusiast I have watched, through the window of your editorial and correspondence pages, the government of your country steadily approach the "...

Page 29 of February 1962 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, February 1962

My Year's Motoring

The Editor Looks Back on the Cars he Drove in 1961 ANOTHER busy year is over and it is time to take out my diary and recall the pros and cons, the merits and shortcomings, of the cars I road-tested for MOTOR SPORT during 1961. It was a year during which I covered 18,930 miles on these test runs, 15,000 further miles in staff and personal vehicles, was a passenger for considerable mileages in...

Page 42 of December 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, December 1981

The 20/70 h.p. Crossley

A Rare Vintage Sports Car The 20/70 h.p. Crossley is less well-known than many vintage sports cars that were scarcely as distinguished. Crossley Motors Ltd. of Gorton, Manchester, "of gas-engine fame", had a deservedly high reputation long before the First World War and during the conflict this was enhanced by the good service the Royal Flying Corps, and later the RAF, had from its Crossley...

Page 36 of February 1966 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, February 1966

My Year's Motoring

The Editor looks back on the cars he drove in 1965 This annual review is intended as a refresher course for those readers who are interested in the good, bad, and indifferent aspects of the cars that came to us for road-test during the past twelve months. Consequently, it will not be a resume of the Good Life, as provided by D.S.J. last month. Nor do I claim to have toiled so hard at my motoring...

Page 33 of February 1957 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, February 1957


This time I am again indebted to a reader for sending me some interesting items out of history. These consist of a selection of pages from The Badminton Magazine of 1915-21. W. H. Berry was writing the motoring features for this eminent magazine in the war days, and one of his contributions comments on American firms which were taking advantage of dumping cars on the English market without any...

Page 59 of May 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 59, May 1984

Road Impressions

The Vauxhall Nova 1.3SR The Budget having encouraged more economical cars it was, I suppose, not inappropriate to replace our fuel-demanding Alfa 6 temporarily with a Vauxhall Nova, which, relating this to the MOTOR SPORT readership, Luton's efficient PR Department made the top-model 1.3SR model. First impressions, London to Wales, were that this was another reasonable substitute for many of the...

Page 19 of February 1959 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, February 1959


A visit to Vauxhall Motors When correspondence appeared last year in Motor Sport criticising the Vauxhall Victor and Vauxhall's after-sales service the men in command at Luton were not so much angry as sad. Sad because they realise that no car is perfect and for this reason operate what they consider to be one of the most efficient dealer-liaison and after-sales-service systems in operation...

Page 33 of April 1963 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, April 1963

The modern Vauxhall Velox

Since the war I have tested a number of Vauxhall cars. Early in 1949 the bulbous and generally rather curious-looking new Velox saloon was sampled and was regarded as commendably economical when its 2,275-c.c. 6-cylinder engine gave 25 m.p.g., coupled with "American-car acceleration and a 75-m.p.h. maximum." In 1953 I headed my impressions of the current "oversquare" 2.25-litre Vauxhall "Afloat...

Page 58 of September 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, September 1977

Two magnums

Two Magnums not of champagne, but Vauxhalls. The long-established and famous name of Vauxhall has been back in the ascendant for some time, with the excellent Chevette, Cavalier, and the up-lifted VX models. The ageing Magnum has also had a technical face-lift. As an 8 ft. 1 in. wheelbase saloon weighing around the ton at the kerb, this Vauxhall model can be regarded as a sporting saloon from the...

Page 28 of January 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, January 1975

Marshall's Firenza

Marshall's Firenza A study of one of the most successful Special Saloons in British club racing IF ONE were to sit down and analyse the reason for the changing image of Vauxhall Motors over the last few years, three predominant motor racing factors would emerge: Bill Blydenstein, Gerry Marshall and the racing Firenza which Blydenstein prepares and Marshall drives with such spectacular verve in...



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