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Page 49 of June 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 49, June 2012

Hill vs Clark: British Racing Gold

50 years ago a new order broke through to challenge Formula 1’s established stars. Jim Clark and Graham Hill, with an innovative Lotus and a BRM finally delivering on its promise, took centre stage Alan Brinton was a good old-school journalist. He was 1950s Fleet Street personified. He addressed everyone as “old boy” or “my dear”, could actually touch-type but, cast adrift by the closure of The...

Page 29 of March 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, March 1976

Not enough racing

The members of the Formula One Constructors Association, the Grand Prix Drivers Assocation and the Commission Sportive Internationale spend too much time sitting around in plush hotels or travelling in jet planes, and they seem to utilise this time in trying to use their brains for the betterment of Grand Prix racing. In the average Grand Prix meeting they are away from home for something like...

Page 28 of September 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, September 1993

Dark days at Hockenheim

As Derek Warwick was proving that you can't keep a good racer down, Hockenheim threw up some urgent questions Hockenheim is a spooky place, a creator of uneasy feelings. For a quarter century it has been damned as the circuit on which Jim Clark perished, and it will never escape that taint. It seems a curious venue to run a motor race. After the first corner the road follows its narrow path...

Page 62 of June 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 62, June 2008

Lunch with... Chris Amon

He didn’t achieve the results that his enormous talent merited, but no matter: F1’s ‘unluckiest driver’ is just glad to have lived to tell the taleBy Simon Taylor Today’s media like to give our heroes convenient labels. Stirling Moss is “the greatest driver never to win the World Championship” – a glib line which says nothing about The Boy’s unrivalled versatility, or his racer’s heart. In the...

Page 56 of October 2007 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, October 2007

Lunch with... Jo Ramirez

The personable Mexican looks back over 40 years of Formula 1 glories and struggles, friendships and tragedies By Simon Taylor The problem is, lunch isn’t long enough. Over 40 seasons, this man has been friend and confidant to a succession of F1 heroes, helped them celebrate their victories and, too often, mourned their loss. He was inside Ferrari when it was Enzo’s fiefdom, with Tyrrell when Ken’...

Page 23 of December 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, December 2002

'Ring leader

Ask enthusiasts to name the greatest race, the greatest drive or the greatest victory and Fangio's winning charge in the 1957 German Grand Prix will usually top all three lists. But just how good a performance was it? To find out, Paul Fearnley tackles the awesome Nürburgring in the exact same Maserati 250F Fangio used that memorable day You are Peter Collins. Young, handsome, living a glamorous...

Page 52 of August 1995 archive issue thumbnail Page 52, August 1995

Trident Bearer

From time to time a wave of drivers breaks on the motor-racing scene from one place. In the early 1950s, no one suspected South America of hiding so much talent… Everyone knows that Juan Manuel Fangio came to Europe as an unknown driver from Argentina, shocked the motor racing establishment by winning a number of Grands Prix in his first European season, and stayed to win five world championship...

Page 6 of April 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 6, April 2004

Euro notes

When discussing the rivalry between Nuvolari and Caracciola in March, Mark Hughes has overlooked an important and possibly crucial point: the significance of the European Championship. During the 1930s this was as important for grand prix drivers as the Fl World Championship is now. Nuvolari was desperate to win it, but there was also pressure on Alfa Romeo to ensure that an Italian driver was...

Page 37 of March 1980 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, March 1980

The Formula One scene

There are times when I get the feeling that "big business" is trying to manipulate the sport of Grand Prix racing to further its own ends, and the recent juggling of dates on the 1980 Calendar, the acceptance of certain tracks or autodromes as suitable for Formula One and the cancellation of certain races tend to encourage these feelings. If a big petrol company, like ELF, or a serious motor...

Page 140 of June 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 140, June 2013

Doug Nye

Ignoring 'the call'Team orders are a frequent source of debate in modern F1, but such controversies have raged for decades As reverberations persist from Red Bull's Malaysian Grand Prix wrong-way-around 1-2 finish, consider for a moment the 1937 Monaco GP. No two-way radios then, just increasingly frantic pit signals and increasingly disapproving body language — which means plenty of it — from...



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