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Page 75 of September 1988 archive issue thumbnail Page 75, September 1988

V to C Miscellany

750 Motor Club's national A7 Rally at Beaulieu in July attracted an impressive entry of 208 of the little beggars, excluding late entries. These ranged from 1924 sports models to the racing specials, and from a 1924 Chummy to 1938 Ruby Saloons, with eight Ulsters or Ulster Replicas, four Nippys, two Swallow-bodied Sevens, six Opal two-seaters, and even a six-wheeled replica lorry and a Dixi....

Page 4 of February 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 4, February 1989

Matters of moment

Enthusiasm prevails As another New Year gets into gear, the continuing popularity of motoring sport of so many kinds must be a source of satisfaction to all enthusiasts. In spite of bogged-down traffic in our cities (the average speed in London has been estimated at 11 mph, but experience suggests that from the City to the M40 it is scarcely half that during the rush-hour— which means almost...

Page 48 of December 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, December 1987

Running in the Family

We had lunch the other day with a great enthusiast, Martin Barber-Lomax, whose grandfather was well-known in speed events before the First World War. J A Barber-Lomax ran a 1912 Prince Henry Vauxhall (Reg V 1500) at venues such as Shelsley Walsh, Waddington Fells and Aston Clinton. He was always happy to fill his car with friends, which enabled him to win weight-formula classes, and at Shelsley...

Page 61 of February 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 61, February 1993

V-to-C miscellany

A well restored Mercedes-Benz 500K 5-litre, straight-eight supercharged roadster, thought to have been the car owned by Sir Ronald Gunter, Bt, who raced Bentley, Bugatti, Bora and other cars at Brooklands, is in a Mercedes dealers in Germany and confirmation of its history is sought. It seems likely that it was a 1934 Olympia Show exhibit and that Gunter drove it in the 1935 Monte Carlo Rally, in...

Page 4 of August 1988 archive issue thumbnail Page 4, August 1988

Club News

Membership of the Grand Prix Contact Club, an international friendship network for enthusiasts, exceeds 400 people from 30 countries, with ages ranging from 14 to 70. To enrol, send £1.50 and personal information to David Hayhoe at 28 Pine Avenue, West Wickham, Kent BR4 0LW and you will receive in turn a list of all members and details about them. Porsche Club GB's Weekend of the Year on...

Page 31 of November 1969 archive issue thumbnail Page 31, November 1969

What's Happening in Club Racing?

It is quite impossible for Motor Sport to record the antics of everyone who takes part in the increasingly popular Club-racing scene, and we leave this task to the motor sporting weeklies. But it is still true to say that Club racing is the cradle of the country's Grand Prix talent, just as it was in the days when Richard Seaman and Mike Hawthorn, to mention but two, learned their skills at the...

Page 21 of February 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, February 1989

Letter to readers

Vans! Dear Reader, The first time I saw a racing car being unloaded from a van in the paddock for a Speed Trial, I was fascinated, because up to that time racing cars were things I had only seen in photographs, racing on circuits. It had never occurred to me to consider how the racing car got to the circuit. Vans with the name of a well-known tuning establishment, or racing driver, on the side...

Page 99 of July 1991 archive issue thumbnail Page 99, July 1991

The Things They Say

The Things They Say "Lapping Brooklands at over 130 mph, cresting the Motor Course's famous test hill completely airborne, winning races with such evocative names as the 'Lightning Long Handicap' and the 'Albert Brown trophy' — these are all laurels from Straker-Squire racing lore." From Brooks' summer Vintage auction catalogue. As this also quotes from the 1977 article in MOTOR SPORT about the...

Page 67 of November 1965 archive issue thumbnail Page 67, November 1965

Letters From Readers

N.B. —Opinions expressed are those of our Correspondents and "Motor Sport" does not necessarily associate itself with them. —Ed. THE FORD CORTINA GT Sir, Mr. Ralph Canter in his letter in your September issue describes the Cortina GT as uncomfortable and potentially dangerous. I am sure that you, Sir, and many other readers will strongly disagree. After 43 years' driving, covering over 500,000...

Page 107 of May 2006 archive issue thumbnail Page 107, May 2006

Simon Taylor's Notebook

Tony Southgate has gone from the 750 Motor Club to Formula One glory and Le Mans, and then back again The 750 Motor Club has always served as a nursery for budding designers. The first Lotus to race was Colin Chapman's Austin 7-based MkIII, which dominated the 750 Formula in 1951, and led to some of the most innovative and successful F1 cars of all time. Eric Broadley's first Lola was a homebuilt...



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