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Page 72 of April 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 72, April 1990

Rally Review - Portuguese Rally / Club News

Lancia's Landslide In the face of road surfaces varying from smooth tarmac to rough dirt and even mud, and the strong opposition of Toyota, Mitsubishi and Mazda, Lancia's chances in Portugal of yet another runaway victory were certainly less than they were in the days of their totally unchallenged wins and winner selection by team management. Indeed, Lancia victories have been so common that,...

Page 66 of September 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 66, September 1989

Grass roots

"In view of the fact that class divisions, are becoming increasingly popular in trials, usually start at up-to-1100cc, the Austin Seven, as a 747cc side-valve car, inapt tube outclassed in its older form, as owned by a large body of real enthusiasts," began an unobtrusive notice in Club News (Motor Sport, February 1939, page 43). "The obvious cure seems to be to found the Seven-Fifty Club...

Page 21 of May 1986 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, May 1986

Letter from Spain

From DSJ to the Deputy Editor Dear M.L., By now you will have come to the conclusion that D.S.J. is a mythical figure from whom reports, stories and articles arrive at Standard House by pigeon-post, railway trains, air-freight and even by telefax. You will have failed to find his office desk or telephone or even the space in the Motor Sport office where he should be, for the simple reason that...

Page 96 of February 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 96, February 2012

Lunch with Mike Costin

At one time Colin Chapman’s deputy, Costin is famed for his engine business with Keith Duckworth. And when it came to product testing, he was handy at the wheel By Simon Taylor The first seeds of many a great enterprise have been planted by the meeting of two young people with similar ambitions and complementary talents: like the day in May 1904 when Charles Rolls and Henry Royce sat down to...

Page 44 of September 2011 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, September 2011

Bill Boddy: an appreciation

When the sad passing of our Founder Editor Bill Boddy MBE was announced on the Motor Sport website, the response was both immediate and overwhelming. So this month, instead of our usual correspondence, we bring you a selection of those tributes, both from people who knew and worked with WB and those who simply admired or were inspired by him. We felt it worth the break with tradition we hope you...

Page 24 of June 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, June 1992


Dear Reader, With my personal season of F1 activity, starting in Europe, rather late this year I was able to have a look at a number of diverse home events at grass roots level, where everyone is just playing around with motor cars for the sheer enjoyment of the activity. I am not suggesting that these events are not taken seriously by the competitors, far from it, but they are all part of a...

Page 122 of September 2011 archive issue thumbnail Page 122, September 2011


A K\ACK FOR ORGANISATION ORGANISING BODY THE BRSCC HAS NO FEWER THAN 40 RACE SERIES_TO CATER FOR magine you are in charge of 40 motor racing championships. Each wants to be a part of 10 meetings a year, and some want those meetings to run over two days, some over one. Got that? OK, now add in the fact that many of these are grass roots series and money is tight — you can't organise back-toback...

Page 53 of June 1965 archive issue thumbnail Page 53, June 1965

Vintage Miscellany

A circa-1932 Albion type BL 15-20 cwt. van, which had been regularly delivering greengroceries in Middlesex up to last summer, is believed to have been scrapped. The village pub at S. Cadbury, Somerset, has a bar with a motoring flavour, including a photographic centre-piece depicting Cobb's Napier-Railton at Brooklands, donated by National Benzole. The landlord is a B.D.C. member and owns a 1932...

Page 72 of September 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 72, September 1989

Fifty years on in Kent...

The first competitive event run by the 750MC was its Committee Cup Trial in Kent in 1939, with an entry of 27, 21 of them A7s, including WB's four-speed Chummy. A re-run this year produced 26 runners, including 17 A7s. Among those who turned out were ex-Secretary Philip Hunter (Saab 900GLS), Arthur Mallock (Citroen BX), T Gillard (VW Golf) and N Newbatt (Toyota Carina). Colin and Winnie Peck...

Page 55 of April 1963 archive issue thumbnail Page 55, April 1963


Sir, With reference to the letter written by Mr. J. Marshall, signed over the name of the 750 Motor Club. The Board of Directors of the 750 Motor Club Ltd. would like to make it quite clear that the views expressed in this letter were the views of the writer and not of the Board of Directors of the Club. MICHAEL. E WARE, Public Relations Officer, 750 Motor Club Ltd. Woking.



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