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Page 55 of January 2001 archive issue thumbnail Page 55, January 2001

Ferrari 330P2

Racing cars, in general, have short lives. After one or two seasons they are uncompetitive, overtaken in both senses. Today, with the expansion of the historic scene, huge numbers of them have been recommissioned and have returned to the track. But certain cars have been lucky enough to have owners who kept the faith, who continued to use them for their proper purpose even when out of fashion,...

Page 88 of January 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 88, January 2012

"And here's one I made earlier..."

In 1965 privateer Peter Sutcliffe reckoned the new Ford GT40 could be a paying proposition. So he bought one – or at least the components… By Gordon Cruickshank Anyone who owns a real Cobra or a GT40 dreads that question “did you build it yourself?” The illicit thought flashes through my mind as I pass the dark green Ford squatting outside the BRDC clubhouse in the Silverstone paddock – but only...

Page 11 of May 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 11, May 1997

Anthony Hussey

Lancia Aficionado, historic rallies contender, and provider of comfort to all the fastest cars For a man whose work and hobbies revolve around cars, Anthony Hussey did not grow up with any youthful desperation to be Fangio. The family product, Connolly Leather, has been standard fitting since the first models of Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Jaguar, Aston, Ferrari and Morgan (who are still ordering the...

Page 66 of November 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 66, November 1998

A Date With Destiny?

Francois Cevert died 25 years ago. Adam Cooper talks directly to family and friends about the man and finds his meteoric rise and the timing of his tragic death were all foretold by a clairvoyant years earlier. Motor racing is essentially a science; it's supposed to be about nuts and bolts, numbers on lap charts and on stopwatches. But sometimes other, less tangible factors seem to play a part....

Page 17 of November 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, November 1997

Motoring sportsmen - Roger Collings

One of the most charismatic exponents of veteran cars, his real love is for his aero-engined monster A Zeppelin-engined road car which does 120mph could not belong to a shy and retiring motorist. Anyone who follows vintage motoring will connect immediately this thundering leviathan with the ebullient Roger Collings racer, triallist, veteran car collector, sometime motor manufacturer, currently a...

Page 7 of October 1939 archive issue thumbnail Page 7, October 1939


FAST DRIVERS NOT WANTED: Writing without official confirmation, we imagine that before the War is much older messages and personal from the War Office and like headquarters will have to be ionveyed at high speeds about the country. As the sky is apparently the exclusive preserve of sausages and military aircraft and as the railways are largely clisorganised on account of war freight demands, it...

Page 42 of May 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, May 2013


When noise annoys Nigel Roebuck's Reflections in the April issue provides yet another reminder of the importance of noise, especially in today's TV coverage of motor sport in general. The advantage of actually being there at great motor sporting events is that all the senses are fully engaged. My late uncle often talked about the experience of being present at 1930s Grands Prix, especially the...

Page 88 of September 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 88, September 2010

Always centre stage

His rallying career encompassed almost every role – not least team boss at BMC and Ford – and Stuart Turner proved adept at them all Should Pooh Sticks ever become a recognised sport, would it catch on? And would the onset of professionalism and corporate involvement damage it over the longer term? It’s certainly a quandary. Vested interests would likely lead to questionable tactics, maybe match-...

Page 32 of March 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, March 2008

Obituary – Jimmy Stewart

Ecurie Ecosse and works Jaguar and Aston Martin driver Jimmy Stewart has died at the age of 76. His racing career was short but promising, starting in 1951/52 with a Healey Silverstone in which he impressed Ecurie Ecosse patron David Murray and was invited into the Scottish team for 1953 – as long as the family motor business bought him a Jaguar C-type. Despite doing his National Service at the...

Page 72 of May 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 72, May 2008

Lunch with.. Jody Scheckter

From World Champion racing driver, to million-dollar businessman, to his current guise as an award-winning organic farmer: all his life, Jody Scheckter has been driven to succeed By Simon Taylor If you’re a top Formula 1 driver, you are a driven man. As well as all those skills and physical attributes, you are motivated by abnormally high levels of determination, self-confidence, persistence and...



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