Lando Norris rescues F1 from itself: Going up, going down in Miami


For a second time this season, the AI was defeated! The 2024 Miami GP was a refreshing glass of the orange Floridian good stuff for once

2 Lando Norris McLaren 2024 Miami GP

It's a win for F1


Well, almost.

As the 10-tonne grand prix trucks slugged their way off the start line, it seemed like we were set for another victory for the AI in Miami.

Sergio Perez looked as though he might do us all a favour for a moment, before he had a vision of the Helmut Marko death-stare behind the eyes and thought better of it.

The racing was definitely better than it’s ever been in Miami, helped by the field now being incredibly close, but the narrative of the GP was still rather dreary until Logan Sargeant and Kevin Magnussen – two well-respected crash artists – collaborated to give us something rather special by pointlessly colliding at Turn 2/3.

Once the No4 McLaren had the free pitstop, the race was his. It all highlighted an inherent F1 problem with its design rules – i.e. that a car that was likely fastest on track (Norris) was stuck in fifth because everyone struggles to overtake.

Still, the overjoyed scenes were brief respite. Soak it in before those next 17 consecutive Verstappen wins come along.


Goin’ Up

Grid Luvvies

3 Lando Norris McLaren 2024 Miami GP

The loveliness is overwhelming


In a sport where largely beige posh blokes get to be all the main characters, Lando Norris has been a rare bright spark – an amusing, individual personality also possessed by rare driving talent (though he is pretty posh too just to be clear).

Never has the West Country lad been cowed by any challenge since entering F1, and though he might not have been able to soak up the glory by claiming the 2021 Monza victory or last year’s Qatar sprint, he’s been there the entire time, pushing McLaren along.

At the danger of this becoming a right Lando love-in, its almost impossible to recall a race where you would feel he underperformed or didn’t do what he was being paid to and then some – Zak Brown must really feel Norris is worth his weight in gold.

The good feeling was indicated by the deafening chorus of ‘isn’t it lovely’ social media posts raining down from all the paddock luvvies. It really is just so lovely.


Not feast but definitely not Famin

Life LF190 1990 Monaco GP

The special red Miami-edition Alpine livery you didn’t see

Getty Images

The Alpine team – Esteban Ocon in particular – has shown real fighting grit to keep going in the face of competing with what looks like the spiritual successor to the Life L190.

The Frenchman was rewarded for his troubles with a sweet, sweet point in Miami, with the team also announcing recent McLaren depart-ee David Sanchez as new technical director.

We give him six months before he tells the suits they’re not spending enough money and the car’s rubbish before he gets jettisoned.


Saying it like it is

Adrina Newey Red Bull 2024 Miami GP

Thinking about that sailing holiday with Eddie Jordan already. Anything to avoid hanging out any more with Christian

Red Bull

Adrian Newey made his feelings on the whole Red Bull saga crystal clear when asked exactly when it was he decided to leave Milton Keynes: “As events have unfolded this year.”

There you go then. Nice to hear a bit of straight talking, even if it was couched in Newey’s ever-polite terms.


Cashing in

Yuki Tsunoda RB Cash App 2024 Miami GP

The marshals liked that

Red Bull

After being summarily useless last year, RB Crap App really has come out fighting to get a strong grip on sixth in the championship – 19 points to next-closest challenger Haas on seven.

Ricciardo finally kickstarted his season with fourth in the sprint, while Tsunoda got his third points finish in six GPs with seventh in the proper race.

If it continues this way, the Faenza squad will be out of sight (in the fight for F1’s Division 2) before too long.


The big Sargeant-K-Mag collab

Cheers lads.

Logan Sargeant Kevin Magnussen2024 Miami GP

Bosh: job done

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Goin’ Down

Orange on Orange

Maybe his image suits F1 teams, maybe it doesn’t.

GP teams pump out nauseating social media claiming to be one big happy family, while at the same time being part of the most selfish, greed-driven, cut-throat sport on the planet. It did welcome back two senior figures who rigged a race following a period of a few years, after all – all forgotten!

Perhaps it was appropriate then that McLaren hosted someone in its garage who currently has dozens of charges against him across four criminal cases – while at the same time is trying to get back into the highest office out there.

Just the 34 counts of fraud in relation to campaign finance laws, as well as conspiracy to defraud the US and conspiracy against the rights of citizens.

The charming fellow also described immigration as “poison”, Mexicans as “rapists” and claims he’s waging “all-out war on American democracy”. Plus made many choice comments about women – meanwhile the championship is trying to promote F1 Academy.

No doubt McLaren was put in a tough spot. But it could have just said no.

Donald Trump Lando Norris McLaren 2024 Miami GP

Making McLaren Great Again

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Dropping the ball

Fernando Alonso Aston Martin 2024 Miami GP

Potentially genius strategy slips through the Krack in Miami

Grand Prix Photo

The guys at Aramco Stroll Racing must be kicking themselves.

Fernando Alonso was running long, similar to Norris, but when the virtual safety car was called for a stray bollard, the team decided that was its lot and brought in the Spaniard, thinking it was the cheapest pitstop it could buy – and then the full safety car came out five laps later, which McLaren took advantage of.



Boutsen the other foot

Thierry Boutsen Williams 1990

The last great Belgian (sorry Stoffel)

Grand Prix Photo

Both Verstappen and Norris could have chosen to race under the Belgian flag if they chose. Unlucky, Belgians.