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Page 29 of November 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, November 1982

matters of moment

MATTERS OF MOMENT 1111 SHOWTIME SOLILOQUY Although less so than in Olympian and Earls Court times, the British Motor Show, which concluded recently in Birmingham, marks the near-close of another momentous motoring year. It has been a year that will long be remembered in general terms as well as in a motoring context. Nineteen-eighty-two saw the successful conclusion of a bloody war to regain...

Page 30 of October 1948 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, October 1948

Club News

Club News WE HEAR One of the original 2-litre Lagonda " 14/60 " saloons is still in regular use and good order in Weybridge, while an Armstrong-Siddeley Fourteen saloon and a large, late-model Star saloon were encountered in Chichester and a foreignregistration 1928-9 fixed-head coupe Amilcar in Hampshire. In Johannesburg, Hugh Linton has acquired a Rootsblown straight-eight 2.6-litre Maserati...

Page 19 of November 1950 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, November 1950

Reports of Recent Events

Reports of Recent Events BENTLEY D.C. FIRLE SPEED HILL-CLIMB (Sept 24th) E.T.D. AND IIEST 13. Sc .H.M.C. MEMDER.-1). Parker (Jaguette), 31.4 sec. 3-LITRE BENTLEIN.-D. McKenzie (ex-Lyeett), 41.0 sec. 41-LITRE UV 10" WHEELS/0LE BENTtmrs.-R. Is. Sutcliffe, 37.4 /IOC, ODIRR 41-LITRE 13ENTLEYS.-A. 0. Pitts, 35.72 sec. ILLOwEIL 4j-, SjAND 8-1,trak BENTLEY5.-0. Croi.ier (, 38.0 'sec. 3. AND 41-1...

Page 44 of May 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, May 1977

The last Austin Seven

Sir, Mr. Goldstene's letter seems to have prompted some head scratching in A7 circles, and the replies in the February issue from Dr. Burns and Ken Cooke go some way to clearing up the confusion. However, Dr. Burns is a year out in his Big 7 dates as the .r was announced in July 1937 by Lord Austin at Longbridge. Full Girling brakes were fitted from chassis no. 286571 which, according to Wyatt,...

Page 29 of April 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, April 1977

Around the Clubs

The very many nourishing Clubs endorse the healthy state of the motoring pastime in this country. The Riley RM Club issues its sizeable magazine R. Memoranda, which contains not only historical information on the 1946-55 Rileys for which it caters but useful hints and tips for those restoring and running such cars. The Membership Secretary is K.C. Clifford, Knaphole Farm, Doccombe....

Page 42 of January 1950 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, January 1950

Club News

We Hear Barry Eaglesfield is still trying to trace previous owners of his Type 37 Bugatti, engine number 239, chassis number 37389; unfortunately he is confined to bed for some months with lung trouble following pleurisy, and is glad to see friends at 22, Queensdale Road, W.11. The manager of the Westover Ice Rink, Bournemouth, reports a fine collection of veteran vehicles owned by the Priory Eng...

Page 15 of August 1965 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, August 1965

Veteran Edwardian Vintage

A section devoted to old-car matters Back to their birthplace The S.T.D. Register made its annual pilgrimage to Wolverhampton on July 4th, supported by its Roesch Talbot members, for a police-led parade of Sunbeams through the town where they were made, and a Pride of Ownership contest in West Park, judged by Mr. Rawlings Senior, whose son Vincent had organised the event. I was privileged to ride...

Page 98 of July 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 98, July 1997

The car that changed Formula One forever

This is the most famous of all Lotus 49's. Shaun Campbell goes to Hethel to reunite John Miles with the car that took Hill's fifth Monaco win John Miles beckons me over with a crook of a gloved index finger. He points to a smear of blue paint on the inside of the monocoque. "See that? This was the car I was to drive at Monaco in 1970. I didn't qualify it was my first time there and we lent the...

Page 35 of April 1952 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, April 1952

The Sport at Easter

Easter will provide a splendid variety of motoring fixtures, which British motorists, in the smallest possible cars using the tiniest carburetter jets imaginable, will no doubt attend in great numbers, to the satisfaction of the Rt Hon BA Butler, MP. There will be two International race meetings on Easter Monday, one for 500-cc cars at Brands Hatch stadium near London, at Farningham, Kent, when...

Page 20 of August 1947 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, August 1947

Club News

We Hear F. P. Thornpson is getting good service from a 1925 Austin "Heavy Twelve-Four" and considers that the more stolid vintage cars should receive their meed of praise. He would exchange a rather rusty model T Ford for Austin spares and knows of bits and pieces for 1913 G.W.K., Overland, Chrysler, Buick and other cars. A 2-cylinder Renault in reasonable condition is apparently for disposal...



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