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Page 46 of September 1963 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, September 1963

Issigonis honoured

Alec Issigonis, Technical Director of the British Motor Corporation, to whom all who have fun in minibrics are indebted, was recently presented by the Carmen's Company of the City of London, with their Viva Shield, for "his contribution to getting ordinary folk mobile." Apparently his visit to receive this award from Mr. Frederick Cumber, Master of the Carmen, was the first time Issigonis had...

Page 98 of September 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 98, September 2014

Where the grassroots are greener

The 750 Motor Club, founded by our own Bill Boddy, celebrates its 75th anniversary this year. It continues to thrive thanks to low-cost rules, diversity and – as we found out – good, clean fun Writer Ed Foster, photographer Mitch Pashavair Variety is, according to the dictionary, “the quality or state of being different or diverse; the absence of uniformity or monotony”. There should really be a...

Page 106 of July 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 106, July 2014

Cleared for take-off

Necessity rendered this one of the briefest ‘decades’ in the annals of motor sport, yet it would also be one of the most pivotal in Britain as the business found its future directionWriter Simon Arron The world had rather more pressing concerns than a monthly price rise, but that was one of the headlines when the January 1940 issue of Motor Sport reached the shelves of a nation at war. It is...

Page 73 of January 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 73, January 1996

Bill Boddy

Car and Man of the Century awards Autocar, in conjunction with its 100th issue with Esso, had its readers (I do not know how many) and staff vote for the Car and Man of the Century. The result was the Mini and the late Enzo Ferrari. The awards were made to Dr Alex Moulton, who was responsible for the innovative rubber suspension of the late Sir Alec Issigonis's little car, and to Enzo's son Piero...

Page 8 of November 1988 archive issue thumbnail Page 8, November 1988

Sir Alec Issigonis

Prompted by the death of Enzo Ferrari, last month's Matters of Moment discussed the benefit cars derive from being produced by individuals instead of vast corporations. With the death of Sir Alec Issigonis, the motor industry has lost another great individualist, a born engineer who rose above the hampering restraints of his employers. Born in Smyrna in 1906, but a British citizen, Issigonis came...

Page 46 of January 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, January 1971

"Automobile Design: Great Designers And Their Work."

"Automobile Design: Great Designers And Their Work." Edited by Ronald Barker and Anthony Harding. 374 pp. 10 in. x 6 1/4 in. (David & Charles, South Devon House, Newton Abbot, Devon. £4 4s.) At first this weighty tome seems to cover an odd selection of designers, because engineers of the calibre of Sir Henry Royce, Laurence Pomeroy, Georges Roesch, Louis Coatalen, Ernest Henry, Ettore Bugatti...

Page 99 of July 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 99, July 2004

Road car: Mini

Riding on rubber for 10,000 miles All cars have rubber between hubs and road, of course, except those on iron tyres, which you only see in museums. This article, however, is about a car which is sprung on rubber, apart from that of its tyres --- in other words, the Morris Mini-Minor, the brilliant concept of Alec Issigonis, chief engineer of the British Motor Corporation. A great deal of praise...

Page 26 of April 1966 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, April 1966

V.S.C.C. Pomeroy Memorial Trophy Competition

This contest was instituted by the late Laurence Pomeroy in memory of his father, who designed Vauxhall and Daimler cars of the vintage era. He gave a Rex Hays' model of a 1914 G.P. Vauxhall as a prize, stipulating that various tests be held to determine the best all-round touring car. Now that Laurence Pomeroy, too, is dead, this competition constitutes a fitting memorial to both father and son...

Page 42 of August 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, August 1975

Rallying's outstanding era remembered by Stuart Turner

Stuart Turner was one of the many keen and enthusiastic young men who have worked within the pages of our contemporary Motoring News, founding the Verglas rally column, which is still a weekly feature today. He is perhaps the best known of those to grace those pages, leaving to take the post of Competition Manager to BMC in 1961. The succcesses recorded by the Big Healeys and shrill Mini...

Page 47 of December 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 47, December 1996

1997 Rover Mini

Rover's beloved Mini will be around to celebrate its 40th birthday in August 1999, and that's official. Even more remarkably, the A-series engine will pass its 50th anniversary in 1998 now with multi-point infection electronic management and the elimination of the distributor that used to succumb to water at the most inconvenient times. Perhaps the most significant of many changes seen on the...



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