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Page 82 of May 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 82, May 1984

Brazilian Grand Prix

Rio de Janeiro, March 25th In sharp contrast to previous years, the Formula 1 "close season" has been very much longer this winter, stretching from Kyalami in mid-October 1983 until the Brazilian Grand Prix opened the 1984 season on March 25th. In the past many teams have spent time moaning that the break is far too short, giving them nowhere near sufficient time to complete development...

Page 18 of September 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, September 1998


Ayrton Senna Gerhard Berger never made any bones about why he left McLaren for Ferrari at the end of 1992. "It was because of Senna," he said. "I really liked the guy he was the closest friend in racing I ever had, but while he was there, McLaren was always going to be his team. "McLaren were very good to me," Berger said, "and I would say that Ron Dennis and I were friends, and still are. But he...

Page 99 of March 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 99, March 2013

Lunch with... Adrian Reynard

Innovator, improviser, impecunious... The founder of a famous British racing institution has been all three, but right now he's flying high once again By Simon Taylor Motor racing is dangerous: it's a truism that doesn't need repeating. And motor racing can be dangerous commercially, too. On the balance sheet as well as on the track, risk can reap huge rewards but can also result in huge crashes...

Page 45 of January 2001 archive issue thumbnail Page 45, January 2001

The fresher under pressure

The jump from F3 to F1 has always been tough; in the turbo era it was a giant leap. Alan Henry reflects on the gamble Toleman took with a low-cost hart engine and Rookie Ayrton Senna If Formula One power output was measured exclusively in terms of brake horsepower per pound sterling expended, then there would be no question as to who produced the best grand prix engines over the past 20 years....

Page 123 of October 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 123, October 2013

Sidetracked with Ed Foster

An eye on the big picture Teams use various methods to make sure drivers remain in peak condition, but sometimes a little lateral thought is required Have you ever driven home one day, arrived and thought ‘I don’t remember how I got here?’ It’s slightly worrying when it happens and usually we chastise ourselves for not concentrating. What if I told you that you weren’t necessarily being as...

Page 76 of April 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 76, April 2010

Lunch With... Derek Warwick

He never earned the Grand Prix wins he deserved, but the man once dubbed Britain’s next World Champion isn’t worried. He loves life just as it isBy Simon Taylor Twenty-five years ago Formula 1 drivers had already become, in their own eyes at least, pretty important people. Now they had motorhomes to hide in, and even a chat over a coffee had to be booked in advance via a stern PA, whose job it...

Page 22 of January 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, January 1997

The Plight Of The Phoenix

In Part Two of his investigation into GT cars, Michael Cotton asks if sportscars have risen from the ashes only to fall back into the flames Remember what you thought when you saw the likes of the Ferrari F40, Jaguar XJ220 and McLaren F1 GTR take to the track? It looked like the final hurrah for a breed of cars so fast, expensive and removed from the realities of the open road that we flocked to...

Page 36 of June 1994 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, June 1994

The man in the yellow helmet

Ayrton Senna was the most committed man I ever met. The sheer depth of his approach to his profession was something few ordinary people could truly understand. We speak of breathing, eating and sleeping a subject; well, Ayrton did just that. Nothing else mattered so much to him in the world. He even subjugated his first marriage, and for a long time thereafter avoided serious relationships, just...

Page 22 of June 1985 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, June 1985

Formula One: Portuguese Grand Prix

Senna makes his mark It would probably be a very slight exaggeration to suggest that Ayrton Senna has brought a fresh standard of driving excellence to Formula One simply on the strength of his splendid flag-to-flag victory in the Portuguese Grand Prix at Estoril, but it wouldn't be too much of an exaggeration. It was a masterly performance for two or three reasons. Obviously, the fact that Senna...

Page 19 of November 1986 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, November 1986

Matters of moment

Congratulations This is the time of year when championships are wound up, new cars are launched and prizes are awarded. As we went to press, the World Drivers' Championship was still undecided and will not be resolved until after this issue is on sale. Whether or not Nigel Mansell secures the title, his performances have been good news for British motor racing at every level. The November 1985...



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