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Page 80 of April 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 80, April 1999

The Land Speed Record

On paper, the Land Speed Record has changed more than any other discipline in the sport. Ever since being the fastest man on earth has been deemed a worthwhile pursuit, speeds have risen from 30mph through the Sound Barrier. Whereas other motorsport arenas have been ruled by the internal combustion engine, the LSR has been held by cars powered by electricity, steam, rockets and jets. And yet it...

Page 51 of January 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 51, January 1998

"Been there, done that."

In 1979, Stan Barrett lit the blue touch paper and sat back on his journey towards the sound barrier. In his own words he explains why he beat Andy Green and ThrustSSC to Mach One It is now close to 20 years since I sat strapped into the tiny cockpit of a multi-thousand horsepower rocket car, about to ignite enough power to light a small city in an effort to go faster than any man on earth....

Page 16 of January 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, January 1998

Letters from readers

Come join the club… Sir, I read with great interest your editorial in the last issue of Motor Sport in which you make an appeal on behalf of Richard Noble's ThrustSSC team. As a member of the Mach One Club, I have been following the team's efforts in raising budget to build, test and transport the car to its ultimate success at Black Rock. I presume that I have been contributing a small part to...

Page 134 of December 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 134, December 2013

Lunch With... Richard Noble

A chance encounter watching John Cobb inspired a love of speed record breaking. Now he heads the team that’s aiming for 1000mph "For Britain, and for the hell of it.” Just after he had finally become the fastest man on earth, Richard Noble was asked why he’d done it. Why, in pursuing his life’s goal, had he remained single-mindedly determined despite years of frustration, disappointment,...

Page 70 of November 2007 archive issue thumbnail Page 70, November 2007

Lunch with... Andy Green

The fastest man on earth is a patriot, and drove Thrust SSC for the glory of his country and its engineering skills By Simon Taylor In the 1920s and 1930s, the World’s Land Speed Record was all about heroes. Men of courage like Sir Henry Segrave (231mph), Sir Malcolm Campbell (301mph), George Eyston (357mph) and John Cobb (394mph) were feted by their country. More famous than the top circuit...

Page 37 of February 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, February 2013

Moths and rattlesnakes

Rob Widdows, Dispatches Do you know this bloke Richard Noble?" Says the news editor. "Yes," I say, "he's about to go for a new Land Speed Record and "Yeah, we know. We need you to get out there and cover it for us and ITN." "Right," I say. "We'll get you on a flight to San Francisco, then it's up to you to get to Nevada. We'll find a local camera crew." That's how it started, my sojourn in the...

Page 106 of October 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 106, October 2010

Lotus Elise Trophy & Single-make series

Equal machinery is key to championships that boast loyal followers and full grids In 1971 the Ford Motor Company launched the Ford Escort Mexico Challenge, a single-make race series which consisted of near-standard 1.6-litre cars. Apart from the cars being moving billboards for the latest Escort, the series also set many racers on the path to greater things. The likes of Andy Rouse, Barry...

Page 35 of February 2011 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, February 2011

Rob Widdows

Desert adventures At the end of 1983, at the height of the season of goodwill, I won an award. I occasionally wear it around my neck. It is a wooden disc, hanging from what appears to be a red bootlace. The inscription reads 'The Very Stupid Award'. This is one of the most treasured items in my collection of motor sport memorabilia. Earlier that year on October 4 to be precise, I stood in the...

Page 8 of January 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 8, January 1998


Clay Regazzoni is among 40 drivers registered to take part in May's Classic Malts Scottish Six Day Reliability Trial. The 1350-mile route, which the former GP driver will tackle in his hand-controlled Mercedes, takes in six distilleries. Endurance races of 400, 500 and 300 kilometres respectively will be run for Pre-1960 Sports and Pre-'65 GT and Touring Cars at Brno next June, the Nürburgring's...

Page 68 of December 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 68, December 1997

The Irving Napier Golden Arrow

The chance find of three Napier engines in the caribbean has brought hope of making a famous record-holder run again. Bill Boddy relates how Segrave's car differed from the machines it beat to take the LSRs As announced last month the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu plans to raise funding to restore to running order the Irving Napier LSR car 'Golden Arrow'. The LSR is very much in the news now...



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100 years, three cars, one epic track test



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