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Page 67 of April 1994 archive issue thumbnail Page 67, April 1994

Anthony Brooke

OBITUARIES Anthony Brooke t was a great shock to members of the VSCC to learn of the death in February of Anthony (Tony) Brooke. He was so very much a VSCC character, who had raced 30/98 Vauxhalls in sand races before the war and who, just before hostilities broke out, bought the Vauxhall-Villiers, which he campaigned from then on, thus consolidating his allegiance to the Luton marque. He even...

Page 12 of September 1946 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, September 1946

The 3-litre T.T. Vauxhalls

George Sanders, the Vauxhall enthusiast, tells of the history of those elusive 1922 Vauxhall racing cars. In these notes I am purposely not giving technical details of the above cars, as I believe their design is well known, and in view of the fact that they were fully described in a recent issue of one of the well-known weekly motoring journals, any remarks of mine would be superfluous. Three...

Page 10 of August 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, August 1942

The enthusiasts' meeting at the London Zoo

Unkind people may say that the Great British Public were especially well catered for at the London Zoological Gardens on June 27th, in that they had not only the animals to study, but motoring enthusiasts as well. From the viewpoint of the parked cars belonging to these enthusiasts, however, it might be said that so many were of the absolutely element-proof, mass-production box variety that it...

Page 49 of September 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 49, September 1955


Prestige Through Racing A leading article elsewhere in this issue discusses the relationship between the publicity which successful participation in motor-racing fosters and the type of car which sells most readily as a result. Not all manufacturers race directly to increase sales — the research and a third value of racing is well known, and a third reason for racing is the prestige, both...

Page 17 of October 1943 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, October 1943

Club news

We hear F/O G. L. Weaver still has his 1925 Aston-Martin stored away and hopes some day to give it the attention it deserves, although he has not seen it since he joined the R.A.F. early in 1940. Two pre-1914 cars present themselves for saving – a 1912 15.9-h.p. 4-cylinder Star tourer, with dual ignition and beaded-edge tyres, in London, and a 1914 12-h.p. Newton-Bennett in "showroom" order, with...

Page 64 of June 1991 archive issue thumbnail Page 64, June 1991

Veteran to classic miscellany

A long-standing reader who worked at Rolls-Royce testing such aero-engines as the R-type used in LSR cars, Merlin, Gryphon, gas turbines etc, tells us that the cars he has owned included a two-cylinder Unic which had been driven into a hedge and was offered to him and his brother for £5 — they had only £2 17/6d with them, which was accepted, so they drove it home, and to improve the gearchange...

Page 20 of December 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, December 1984


CLUB NEWS IN THE WAKE of the arrival of Ford's new rally contender, the RS200, it is interesting to see the latest issue of Havoc, the magazine of the Ford AVO OC, a reprint of MOTOR SPORT's first report on the RS1600 from 1970. 1,000 examples were necessary for homologation, which meant that many were sold to the general public, something not so likely with the RS200. Another fact gleaned from...

Page 36 of July 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, July 1987

Letter from Monaco

Extravagance Dear AH, Last month I mentioned my brief encounter in Italy with competitors in the third Coppa d'Italia, and this prompted one of our readers in Switzerland to kindly send me the nicely printed entry list of that event. He was taking part in his 1933 Alfa Romeo 8C, and he answered my query about not seeing any 1900cc Alfa Romeos. It seems there were two taking part, but one broke a...

Page 18 of February 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, February 1942

Letters from Readers

Sir, MOTOR SPORT is the only paper which I really look forward to reading now. Many thanks for supplying such excellent literature on the greatest of all sports. I have got a Type 37 Bugatti stored away which I am thinking of selling. I drove the car for the first month of the war, but it has since been tucked away only to be started about every three months on the little decent juice left in the...

Page 52 of August 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 52, August 1976

MAC/VSCC Shelsley Walsh

(July 10th) In real summer weather the older cars gathered at Shelsley Walsh for their assault on a hill which as a competition venue is older than Brooklands. Indeed, the terrain has changed very little since and it is still the same old Shelsley Walsh of the Leslie Wilson days, even to it being almost impossible to park anywhere but in the big field that serves as a public car-park, no matter...



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