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Page 53 of February 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 53, February 1977

Cars in books

From "Window on My Heart" by Olave Lady Baden-Powell, GBE (Hodder & Stoughton, 1973) comes an interesting reflection on how dependable the better cars were even before the First World War. When searching for a house her parents decided it would be easier by car than in trains and the carriages so they purchased one in January 1908. It is described as ". . a bright yellow (Crossley) limousine...

Page 30 of April 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, April 1992

Bexhill's extravaganza

Doing anything on May Bank Holiday? Fancy a day out at an undersung motoring event that attracted a crowd of around 25,000 last year? What is it? Another truck racing Somethingorother Prix? Anything to do with Nigel Mansell? Actually, no, it's the third annual running of a commemorative event at Britain's first international motor sporting venue . . . Bexhill-on-Sea. The Bexhill 100, to give it...

Page 8 of March 1948 archive issue thumbnail Page 8, March 1948

The History of the Blackburn Company

C. S. Burney recalls in an interview with Ralph Venables;—Throughout the whole history of motor-cycling, the Blackburn has had a reputation among proprietary engines second only to that enjoyed by the J.A. Prestwich products, and now, with the Blackburn engine long demised, an investigation into its early history inevitably reveals data of quite absorbing interest. Today there exists no man more...

Page 104 of October 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 104, October 1983

Out of the past

Back in 1978, at my suggestion, Roger Collings took me on his well-known 1903 Sixty Mercedes for a long run, to personally commemorate the 75th anniversary of Jenatzy having won the Gordon Bennett race in Ireland on a similar motor-car. A short time ago one of our readers, Mr Peter Kelly of Mill Hill, London, sent my account of this memorable day's motoring, on a quite remarkable veteran, to a...

Page 39 of May 1974 archive issue thumbnail Page 39, May 1974

A Rolls-Royce Item

From Sir Clive Edwards, Bt. Sir, Mr. Gordon-Marshall's interesting picture of the Rolls-Royce used by Alcock and Brown on their drive from Euston Station is not quite correct. The R-R seen in the picture is not the one used by the two aviators. It may have been part of the official cavalcade. The car they in fact used had no ventilators on the side of the bonnet, and also had two spare wheels. It...



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