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Page 17 of August 1944 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, August 1944

French Tendencies in the Early Twenties

French Tendencies in the Early Twenties IslIA V E received from the Editor a copy of Thr! :Itdocar for October 15th, 1921, accompanied only hy a cryptic note about curing the influenza. As I am not suffering from the influenza just at present this doesn't seem to get us any plaee much, but I conclude that I am expected to produce a story. • It really is rather an MI rk'si itl!r number of The...

Page 17 of August 1943 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, August 1943

Club news

We hear Houldsworth, who is mentioned elsewhere in this issue in connection with Bamford & Martin Aston-Martins, is running an "International" Aston-Martin and is very anxious to find a 1 3/4-litre Alfa-Romeo. The condition is immaterial as he intends to strip it. Douglas Tubbs now has his two Astons side-by-side in a London garage and, aided by Inman-Hunter, is engaged in making a thorough...

Page 69 of February 1995 archive issue thumbnail Page 69, February 1995

Verzons Vintage

Mark Garfitt's New Year Day assembly at The Verzons, near Ledbury, for celebrating VSCC members, was again a full-house success this year, in spite of the Arctic weather. The hotel car park was literally filled with older cars of every kind and many makes, 80 having arrived by lunch-time. Members mounted in moderns and the grass-verge-parked public flocked to see the fun. If variety is the spice...

Page 19 of June 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, June 1933


CONTINENTAL NOTES. THE BORDINO GRAND PRIX VICTORY FOR NUVOLARI (ALFA-ROMEO) ON THE CIRCUIT OF ALESSANDRIA. HELD on the Sunday following the Monaco G. P., the Bordino Grand Prix seemed likely to provide a further act in the Varzi v. Nuvolari duel, for both drivers appeared on the entry list. On the day of the race, however, the Bugatti driver had not arrived, and so Nuvolari was firm favourite at...

Page 21 of June 1935 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, June 1935


THE SECOND MEETING AT DONINGTON A BRILLIANT SERIES OF VICTORIES FOR H. G. DOBBS. GOOD WORK BY K. D. EVANS (M.G.), E. K. RAYSON (BUGATTI), AND HON. JOCK LEITH (BUGATTI) FIRST LADIES' RACE WON BY MISS FAY TAYLOUR (FRAZER NASH) DONINGTON PARK is a satisfying place. The racing is nearly always of a good standard, the Park itself is a place of great beauty with its woodlands and lovely vistas, and for...

Page 49 of April 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 49, April 1975

Cars in Books

Sir, I have no recollection of being consulted by a Mr. Rollo Martin, but I do know that the Bugatti owned by Aldous Huxley was a Type 44, Chassis 44807, and that the BOC published a charming letter I had had from him on this subject in Bugantics for 25-4-1962. "I was too blind to drive a car", he wrote, "and it was she (his wife) who took it screaming on 2nd at 50 m.p.h. over the Alps and...

Page 65 of December 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 65, December 1978

More Vintage items

Apart from the annual change-about of F1 drivers, cars are changing hands within the VSCC. Chris Mann now has the Multi-Union, the Hon. Patrick Lindsay is said to be interested in the ERA-Delage, and we gather that Bernard Harding has Philip Mann's touring o.h.c. Straker-Squire tourer in part-exchange for what sounds like a DH Fox Moth aeroplane. *** H. G. Conway had an amusing letter in The...

Page 27 of July 1954 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, July 1954

The Decline Of The Small British Sports Car

What Has Happened, Queries the Editor, to the Under-1,100-c.c., Lightweight, Inexpensive Cars in this Category? It is an astonishing fact that in spite of the enthusiasm for motor sport prevailing all over the globe, including this country, the class of car which best meets the growing demand has practically disappeared from the British market. I refer to the small sports car, relatively...

Page 32 of March 1963 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, March 1963

The Shuttleworth Trust Museum

The Montagu Motor Museum which was visited by more than 400,000 people last year, is, quite rightly, the best-known institution of its kind in this country and there is nearly always something afoot (or should I write awheel?) there, apart from the large and varied collection of car, motor cycle (and Spitfire) exhibits. But there are smaller motor museums here and in Europe that merit mention,...

Page 16 of January 1958 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, January 1958


A Section Devoted to Old-Car Matters V.S.C.C. Northern Trial (Nov. 30th) First-Class Awards: B. M. Clarke (1925 Austin Seven) and M. J. Harris (1929 Austin Seven).Second-Class Awards: C. J. Marrable (1931 12/50 Alvia) and M. L. Beecroft (1929 Fraser-Nash).Third-Class Award: C. Winder (1924/8 Humber). *** V.S.C.C. Heston Driving Tests (December 15th) The annual frolics and demonstrations of...



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