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Page 20 of September 1944 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, September 1944


LETTERS from READERS Sir, In your August number, Mr. Clutton accuses me of having criticised a particular make of foreign car in "a recent public utterance." I am sorry to have annoyed Mr. Clutton, but I cannot trace ever having mentioned this machine in any article or talk I have given. After prolonged cogitation, it occurs to me that Mr. Clutton must be referring to my description of a friend's...

Page 15 of January 1943 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, January 1943


The Veteran C.C. and the Edwardians The Veteran Car Club of Great Britain, which had previously existed to foster interest .in veteran cars constructed prior to 1905, announced, on 14th November, that it had extended its activities to "take under its protection" vehicles built up to the end of 1912. Enthusiasm for all the pre-1914 cars which still exist in good functional order causes us to...

Page 102 of July 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 102, July 1990

Happy Ending

Watching Johnty Williamson driving the venerable 1923 10 1/2-litre V12 Delage in the Itala Trophy scratch race at this year's first VSCC Silverstone Meeting, when it took the Lanchester Trophy, finishing ahead of 17 other cars all younger than itself, made me realise what a privilege it is to see such historic cars in action. All too many have become static pawns in the auction rooms. The history...

Page 19 of January 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, January 1942

CECIL CLUTION. London, W.11.

Sir, May I venture to say how surprised I was to read your strictures upon the projected Veteran Victory Run to Berlin ? I think it may be taken for granted that a concern such as Austin's is unlikely to sponsor any scheme which would be in poor taste, while so seriously minded a body as the Veteran Car Club, as organisers, will certainly see to it that the run is in no way ridiculous. But for...

Page 20 of July 1944 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, July 1944

Type 43 Bugatti

Sir, As threatened, this letter follows my cable requesting a little information on the Type 43 Bugatti. My Type 43 is the only one in this country and has had a somewhat chequered career. It appears to have been imported in 1929 when new, and passed its first four or five years in a most energetic manner ; races, hillclimbs and trials being the daily recipe. Disaster befell in 1934, perhaps not...

Page 142 of July 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 142, July 2008

Bill Boddy

The taxi that wasn’t… From undertakers’ car to parade float to would-be taxi, WB’s Delaunay-Belleville enjoyed a varied life – even if it left him out in the cold From Edwardian times this make, from the factory at Saint Denis by the Seine, were fine cars, regarded by many as equal to a Rolls-Royce, although the circular radiator I felt lacked dignity. I found my 1926 15.9hp version in 1952 when...

Page 22 of January 1944 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, January 1944


Sir. So Mr. Cecil Clutton does not think me capable of solid reasoning ! I am sorry. but, naturally, I cannot entirely agree with him, although no doubt. my old schoolmasters would. His so-called " refutation "of my article in the October issue is merely a lot of weak sarcasm, sanc that solid reasoning of %%Inch he is so fond. I wish to know, too, which of the four ears I mentioned (2.(; M.G., B....

Page 98 of September 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 98, September 1997


It was good indeed that the 10.5-litre V12 Delage raced at Brooklands by Cobb, Bertram and Mrs K Petre, now owned by John and Johnty Williamson, was at the Goodwood Festival, after a major blow-up at Oulton Park in 1991. This is the second major rebuild, I think, the other being when Cecil Clutton had that accident after a cylinder had given way and caused a fire at VSCC Silverstone in 1952,...

Page 26 of July 1960 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, July 1960

Veteran types - The 1908 12/15-h.p. Hillman-Coatalen

by Cecil Clutton The Hillman Coatalen Company was founded in 1907 and produced at first a 25-h.p. machine with four cylinders, and a larger version with two more cylinders. Louis Coatalen had already started his long career as an automobile designer with the Humber Company in 1902, but it was not until 1907 that his name emerged from anonymity, in partnership With Mr. Hillman. None of the 1907...

Page 1 of August 1947 archive issue thumbnail Page 1, August 1947

A Highly Successful Gransden Meeting

R. D. Poore wins the Gransden Trophy Race in the 3.8-litre AlfaRomeo from Abecassis at 86.3 m.p.h. Habershon's 1 1/2-litre Delage Victorious in Vintage Scratch Race. Alan May's "30198" Vauxhall Placed Twice. The thanks of all enthusiasts who gathered at Gransden Lodge airfield on July 13th are due to the C.U.A.C. and V.S.C.C. for the splendid circuit racing witnessed there. In general, the...



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