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Page 76 of April 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 76, April 1998

Hans on deck

In 1952 Hans Herrmann began racing with a humble Porsche 356. Eighteen years later he retired after winning at Le Mans in a thunderous 917. He recalls the many highs and lows of his career with Chris Nixon It is one of motor racing’s enduring images – a BRM P25 cartwheeling down the track shedding components, one being the driver, who appears to be kneeling on the road, watching calmly over his...

Page 7 of August 2001 archive issue thumbnail Page 7, August 2001

Reims are over

If you are thinking of doing a few laps around the old Reims circuit this summer, don't bother. A massive road-building programme operation is under way and the straight from Muizon to Thillois is closed. This section had been used as a diversion while the new road was constructed, but a combination of heavy lorries and heavy rain caused a section of it to collapse. On a brighter note, although...

Page 62 of September 1991 archive issue thumbnail Page 62, September 1991

Book Reviews

In Full Flight by Tony Spooner, DSO, DFC. 267 pp. 8-1/2 x 6in. Wingham Press, Seymour Place, 28 High Street, Wingham, Kent, CT3 1AB. £15.00) This is a revised edition of a book which was published in 1965 by Macdonald. If you enjoyed Hurricane Combat (available from the Motor Sport offices) you should obtain this one. It covers a large spectrum of flying, from training days at Brooklands in...

Page 46 of September 1980 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, September 1980

Book reviews

"Brooklands Bikes in the Twenties". by Peter Hartley. 244 pp. 81/2" x 5" (Argue Books Ltd, Argus House, 14 St. James Road, Watford, Herts. £6.95) After Peter Hartley had written and published his pre-1916 Brooklands motorcycle racing history and had promised us the post-war story as its sequel, there was an unhappy delay due to difficulties for Goose, his publisher, and we feared that the full...

Page 4 of March 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 4, March 2004

Black sheep or a whitewash?

Sir, I wonder how many other Motor Sport readers were disgusted by the recent programme about Dick Seaman on Channel 4? The contributions from Doug Nye, Chris Nixon, John Aldington and John Surtees were fine in themselves — but not in the context in which they were used. The programme was trying to make out that Seaman was a black sheep of motor racing — and the views of the contributors...

Page 14 of January 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, January 1999

The Third Way

Sir, Chris Nixon is not quite right (Letters, December) in stating that there were only two versions of the Reims circuit. The alterations to the original layout took place in two stages. The village of Gueux was by-passed in 1952, but the new section joined the original circuit at Virage de la Hovette (clearly marked on the 'map', which is actual an aerial photograph). This interim circuit was...

Page 89 of December 2011 archive issue thumbnail Page 89, December 2011

Lunch with... Hans Stuck

As the son of a pre-war Auto Union ace, racing was in his blood. Today, ‘Junior’ is a cult hero in his own right It’s intriguing how often sons of racing drivers become racers themselves. In Formula 1 Nico carries on the work of Keke, as did Jacques for Gilles – although so far only Damon and Graham have achieved a World Champion son of a World Champion father. Sometimes grandsons follow to make...

Page 64 of February 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 64, February 1992

Formula 1 1956.

Terrific Stuff Videos, £17.99. Chris Nixon, author, amongst amongst other things, of Racing the Silver Arrows and Mon Ami Mate, has recently set up his own video enterprise, after stumbling across a pirate copy of this title while researching his epic work on Messrs Hawthorn and Collins. BP still had the original film, a high quality review of the 1956 season covering F1 action from Monza, the...

Page 38 of November 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, November 1997

The player

Lance Macklin had a talent that could have made one of our finest drivers. Trouble was, says Chris Nixon, he was too busy having fun to care "Lance really is an astonishing character. He has this tremendous athletic flair and he could have been a very great driver without any question at all. In the same way he could have been an Olympic skier. He has a quite astonishing sense of balance and I...

Page 88 of November 1986 archive issue thumbnail Page 88, November 1986

Book Reviews

Racing The Silver Arrows — Mercedes-Benz Versus Auto Union, 1934-1939  by Chris Nixon. 350 pp. 11-1/4" x  8",  Osprey Publishing Ltd., 27a Floral Street, London, WC2E 9DP. £29.95. The story of the two "giants", Mercedes-Benz and Auto Union, and their fabulous Grand Prix and record cars, made possible by the Nazi interest in motor racing as propaganda, is a fascinating one.  It is interesting to...



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