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Page 5 of May 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 5, May 1938


THE J. Cu c. INTERNATIONAL TROPHY RACE PERCY MACLURE (RILEY) WINS AN EXTREMELY CLOSE RACE — E.R.A.s SECOND AND THIRD — UNFORTUNATE ACCIDENT TO JOSEPH PAUL THE sixth International Trophy Race of the J .C.C. was one of the best races of the series, Percy Maclure winning by 0.02 m.p.h. from Raymond Mays with his unsupercharged 1,738 c.c. sixcylinder Riley. This race is always one of the most...

Page 8 of May 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 8, May 1934

Continental Notes and News

Continental Notes and News By HAROLD NOCKOLDS The " Acceleration Record." IT will be remembered that right at the end of last season a duel accured between Cobb on the Napier-Railton and Ruesch on a 3 litre Maserati for the world's standing start kilometre record. In the end Cobb gained the honours with a time of 25.27 secs., and a speed of 88.52 m.p.h. All the winter Hans Ruesch has nursed his...

Page 64 of January 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 64, January 2003

Women racers at Brooklands

From the very opening meeting in 1907, women competed at the surrey track. While some races were ladies-only, often they raced on equal terms with the men. Bill Boddy recalls some very skilful drivers If no female driver has ever made it to fame in F1 championship racing, it has to be accepted that almost from the beginning of motor-racing in 1895, those who used to be termed the weaker sex have...

Page 54 of October 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, October 2003

Future on the banking?

Bill Boddy looks back at a French motorsport institution which may not have long to go... There is a threat to the Linas-Montlhery track. It may be closed in the next year or two, and for it to go the same way as Brooklands did in 1939 would be a very sad and serious loss to French motorsport — and France in general. This banked track was built by Monsieur Lamblin, who owned the Lamblin Radiator...

Page 50 of March 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, March 1981

Around and About

As young as you feel! Motoring magazines tend to devote a considerable amount of space to the varying merits of up-and-coming drivers and how teenage youngsters desperately joust at the wheel of their Formula Ford cars, trying to become the youngest World Champion ever. So often, however, an intensive "professional" involvement in the sport results in drivers retiring and turning their back on...

Page 6 of May 1944 archive issue thumbnail Page 6, May 1944

Notes on the Original Aston-Martin Company

Notes on the Original Aston-Martin Company IN studying the early history of the Aston-Martin car it is interesting to go right back prior to the production of the first experimental model in 1914 and discover the origin of the marque.. In the early days of motoring, when the sport of cycling was at its height and road races were run off every week-end, there were a couple of enthusiasts named...

Page 11 of December 1940 archive issue thumbnail Page 11, December 1940


CASTING BACK No. I.—BROOKLANDS-1925 SEASON WITH no current races to report, the Motoring Press has taken to delving into the past and, in following suit, we have decided first of all to take a look at BrOoklands as it was fifteen years ago, because Brooklands, more than any other venue, holds happy memories for thousands of enthusiasts in this country. The cars and speeds have changed year by...

Page 78 of November 1995 archive issue thumbnail Page 78, November 1995

The Cars of Alfred Ellison

In Motor Sport last December I wrote about the long-distance flights and air rallies which racing motorist Alfred Ellison, whose successes with the 1912 GP Lorraine Dietrich Vieux Charles Trois at Brooklands have been well documented, accomplished in the 1930s. Having compiled the article "The Flying Ellisons" from Press cuttings sent to me by a VSCC member and knowing that Ellison had afterwards...

Page 14 of April 1946 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, April 1946


Prospects Certainly there is plenty to discuss in respect of 1946, even if, in the end, nothing much happens. The J.C.C. view the Jersey course with favour; there is the matter of a 500-c.c. race over the motorcycle T.T. course race over in the Isle of Man, and there is talk of a circuit between Edinburgh and Glasgow. Over and above which, the Crystal Palace design competition has been extended...

Page 122 of February 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 122, February 2010

An oldie but a goodie

A 1912 Lorraine-Dietrich that showed real staying power at Brooklands is being restored to running order The Brooklands Museum volunteers team are helping to return to full running order the 1912 15-litre Lorraine-Dietrich in collaboration with Richard Nash, whose father R G J Nash acquired the car in 1932. They hoped to get the engine running by the end of 2009. In later years the car was known...



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