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Page 10 of September 1994 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, September 1994

Seeing red

On a number of counts F1 plumbed new depths at Hockenheim, but a long overdue victory for Ferrari, courtesy of Gerhard Berger, provided a timely uplift An all-Ferrari front row in qualifying, scandalous allegations about the Benetton team, shunts involving 10 cars before the first corner, retirement for Michael Schumacher, a horrible pit lane fire, victory for Gerhard Berger and Ferrari. Oh, and...

Page 52 of March 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 52, March 1967

The Cost of Motoring Sport

3: Formula 3 "I'm over the hill—at 28" admitted John Fenning, one of Britain's leading private-entrant Formula 3 drivers, when discussing his career. He was not talking about his driving ability or stamina, though, rather his worth as works team material. Single-seater racing is the ultimate when purists get talking and undoubtedly Formula 1 is the highest form of the sport so necessarily there...

Page 54 of October 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, October 1971

"Landscape with Machines"

By L. T. C. Rolt. 230 pp, 8 4/5 in. x 5 1/5 in. (Longman Group Ltd., 74, Grosvenor Street. London, W1. £3.25.) Tom Rolt is well known in the world of vintage motoring as an Honorary Member of the VSCC, the discoverer of Prescott (the origins of which as a hill-climb course are described in this book), and the enthusiastic owner of two 12/50 Alvis motor cars. He is known in literary circles as the...

Page 26 of September 1952 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, September 1952

Veterans At Dorking

If the worst weather of the year is traditionally laid on for the Brighton Run, it seems that the Veteran Car Club can count on the best for its Dorking Speed Hill-Climb, and on July 26th the day was just as hot and fine as it was last year. For the oldest cars with one or two cylinders, the ascent is more in the nature of a test-hill than a sprint, but none failed to make the climb, and G. A....

Page 127 of August 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 127, August 2013

Sidetracked with... Ed Foster

Starting to make cents Making a living as a professional driver is ever more difficult in Europe, so Scot Robin Liddell opted to cast his net a little wider For the past five years there have been about 32,000 annual MSA competition licence holders in the UK. How many of those do you think are paid professionals? One per cent? The figure is probably even lower than that and, without any official...

Page 6 of February 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 6, February 1989

Stanley Sears

Stanley Sears died at the age of 84 in the Algarve, where he had lived in his later years. He had a profound knowledge of cars, especially of the veteran and vintage ones of which he was so fond and many of which he subjected to meticulous restorations. Indeed, he set fresh standards of excellence in this pursuit, as I well remember from going through the 1954 Veteran Car Run to Brighton on his...

Page 114 of October 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 114, October 1981

Book reviews

"Bugatti by Borgeson — The dynamics of mythology" by Griffith Borgeson. 223 pp, 10" x 7" (Osprey Publishing Ltd., 12-14 Long Acre, London, WC2E 9LP. £9.95). Osprey are to be congratulated on getting this one! It is intended as a fascinating "debunking" of the "mythology" surrounding the cars of Le Patron, Ettore Bugatti, and disposing of what the author calls "The Myth". There will be wailing and...

Page 28 of August 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, August 1998

Mansell - The Enigma

The most misunderstood man in the history of motor racing or simply an insufferably arrogant pain in the neck? Mark Hughes examines the enigma that is Nigel Mansell Right from the start, in his own mind he’s a giant. A good giant. And he does things that back up that belief. Regularly. And each time, he turns around to accept the plaudits, because these are important to him. And each time, he...

Page 91 of July 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 91, July 1996

V-to-C Miscellany

Claude Yates, whom 750 MC members will remember as a pioneer of Ford-engined A7 Specials and organiser of a trial which became the Walsingham Cup event for a trophy he presented, tells us has been reading MOTOR SPORT for some 60 years. His first car was actually built especially for him (at a cost of only £12.50) by a firm in New Cross, London, consisting of a raised A7 chassis with Ulster engine...

Page 97 of June 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 97, June 2003

Forgotten slice of history

Soon after the Bugatti OC was formed in 1929 I was signed up as a voluntary contributor for its magazine Bugantics. This gave me some wonderful rides with committee members such as Col GM Giles and his brother Eric, in Type 57 and 57 SC cars, about the fastest on the road, and lunches at rally rendezvous like the Lygon Arms at Broadway and the Welcome Hotel at Stratford-upon-Avon. It also...



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