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Page 49 of December 1980 archive issue thumbnail Page 49, December 1980

The Wartime Diaries of an RFC Officer

The Wartime Diaries of an RFC Officer (Continued from the November issue) WE HAVE reached the Diary entries of "X", the RFC Officer who became a well-known racing motorist after the war, for December 1917. He was met on December 14th by Bush and his Crossley, in which they went to the War Office and later net off for Wyton, arriving by lunchtime. Lady X was staying near Ely so her son visited her...

Page 93 of June 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 93, June 2003

Racing on the page

The recall of our one-time belated 'Belated Book Reviews' feature, with a cartoon by Appleby, has reminded an American reader of the novel about motor racing entitled Portrait in a Windscreen by Gawen Brownrigg. This was published by Michael Joseph in 1938, and reviewed in The Autocar, which proclaimed it as the first serious motor racing novel, but not to be read by the prudish! Another reviewer...

Page 87 of December 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 87, December 1976

Cherished Numbers

Sir, I have been a loyal and devoted follower of your excellent magazine since early childhood, but have only now been prompted to write to you. This is not because of your controversial opinions over important topics (e.g., seat-belts, speed-limits, etc.) but rather because of your lack of them. It seems to me that the one thing that will pass quietly away, without a murmur of dissent or...

Page 64 of July 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 64, July 1992

Who was 'R'?

Our long-running and apparently well liked feature Cars In Books has been somewhat hampered in recent times by the clauses publishers now insert in books, making it illegal to quote from them without written permission, or store what they contain by any information or retrieval system etc etc. All rights reserved, in fact! This puts me off from the start. It involves much correspondence if one...

Page 78 of December 2005 archive issue thumbnail Page 78, December 2005

WB Rumblings

The picnic-like VSCC event at Madresfield Court, with driving tests on the long drive of the house which inspired Evelyn Waugh when writing Brideshead Revisited  (can we have a rerun of the TV version, please?) and where speed trials once took place was an enjoyable occasion in September. Michael Crehan In his 1922 5-litre Fiat made best performance, with a loss of only 43 points, and that well-...

Page 82 of March 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 82, March 1982

Cars in Books

Not so much cars in books this time, as some reflections about cars in the fine TV production of Evelyn Waugh's "Brideshead Revisited — The Sacred and Profane Memories of Captain Charles Ryder", based on the book of that title published by Chapman & Hall in 1945. So many vintage and later motor-vehicles now feature in TV plays and documentaries, to the financial and some consider prestige...

Page 68 of September 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 68, September 1990

Indy - A Novel

by Bob Judd, 238pp. 9 1/2" x 6 1/4". Pan Books Ltd, Cavaye Place, London SW10 9PG £13.95 Novels about motor racing have been few and mostly undistinguished. Apart from the schoolboy sagas of oily-overalled mechanics making good in fabulously fast cars of the Twenties after graduating from the village garage, what have there been? Evelyn Waugh's Vile Bodies touches on racing. The Earl of Cattenham...

Page 34 of February 1952 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, February 1952

Sideslips by "Baladeur"

"It's like abroad," says Mr Prendergast in Evelyn Waugh's novel Decline and Fall, "no one would want to go there if they hadn't been told it existed." I have always thought this a particularly profound remark, and about half the motorists I know entirely agree with Mr Prendergast. The other half, however—and I must admit that it is the half among which I myself am numbered—spend one part of the...

Page 34 of August 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, August 1955

"The Motor Car in Fiction"

— Conclusion Seldom has an article in any motor paper aroused so much interest amongst correspondents as that on "The Motor-Car in Fiction," which appeared in Motor Sport last April. We published letters in connection with this article in the May and July issues and now propose to conclude with a summary of further letters received on this subject, for summer is the time for reading in beach-deck...

Page 62 of March 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 62, March 1977

Cars in books

There are some motoring items in "Jug Within the Law" by Henry Cecil (Hutchinson, 1975) but the author, although admitting that he used to write legal articles for The Autocar, The Motor, and The Light Car & Cyclecar, for £3 per piece, in the 1920s, does not disclose the make of car, which he was using to drive to Brighton County Court with such a load of books in its dickey that, when a rear...


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