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Page 45 of October 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 45, October 1933


A GUIDE TO 1934 SPORTS CARS IN THE FOLLOWING PAGES THE PROSPECTIVE SPORTS CAR OWNER WILL FIND SPECIFICATION AND PERFORMANCE DATA OF MOST OF THE HIGH EFFICIENCY AUTOMOBILES ON THE MARKET TO-DAY A.C. (ACED ES). British. A .C. (Aeedes) Ltd., 71. hames-Ditton, Surrey. Ace 15/58 h.p. 6 cyl., 65 x 100, 1,991 c.c., 15.7 416 tax. o.h.c. comp-ratio 5.75 to 1. 5 bearing crankshaft. 56 b.h.p. at 3,500 r.p.m...

Page 28 of September 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, September 1934


Continental Notes and News By HAROLD NOCKOLDS Alfa-Romeo Victories in the Targa Abruzzo. ALTHOUGH overshadowed in importance by the Mille Miglia, the • Targa Abruzzo race for sports cars has become firmly established on the Italian calendar. The event held on August 12th and 13th was the third of its kind, and took place over the Circuit of Pescara. There were two groups, one for supercharged and...

Page 15 of November 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, November 1933


A MONTH OF RECORDS. THE USUAL END OF SEASON ACTIVITY RESULTS IN RECORDS BY THE NAPIER RAILTON, M.G. MIDGET AND MAGNA, HOTCHKISS, AUSTIN, DERBY AND AMILCAR. The Napier-Railton's 'Bag.' LAST month a determined onslaught on World's and Class" A" records was made by the Napier-Railton at Itilontlhery. A full squad went over with the car, consisting of the drivers John Cobb, Cyril Paul, T. E....

Page 35 of May 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, May 1931

tems of interest

ITEMS OF INTFREST FROM VARIOUS SOURCES Mrs. Stewart's Record. p. In: fastest ir p. In: fastest woman motorist in the world to-day is the British lady driver, Mrs. G. M. Stewart, who has now attainedthe remarkable speed. of over 140jra.p.h. in a record breaking run at Montlhery. During the Easter week-end Mrs. Stew art broke no fewer than four international records in class " E " (1,500 c.c. to 2,...

Page 44 of March 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, March 1931


ITEMS OF INTER1-4,ST FROM VARIOUS SOURCES Diesel Car at Daytona. a private cable to Messrs. C. C. Wakefield & Co. Ltd., Mr. C. L. Cummins, the well-known American engineers announces that in the course of a trial officially observed by the Contest Board of the American Automobile Association his Diesel-engined car established a record for this type of vehicle of 100.75 m.p.h. This remarkable...

Page 31 of November 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 31, November 1931


A YEAR OF RECORDS. c. C. WAKEFIELD & CO. have produced an attractive little booklet entitled "Achievements of 1931 " which tells of the achievements of British drivers and pilots, and of British enterprise during the year. Greatest among our achievements on land, of course, is Sir Malcolm Campbell's world's speed record of 246 m.p.h., which he secured in the" Bluebird" at Daytona last...

Page 31 of August 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 31, August 1933

From Mrs.g.m. Stewart

From Mrs. G. M. Stewart. SIR,-My attention has been directed to an article in your current issue dealing with records broken by me on the Derby Special at Montlhery this year. While I greatly appreciate the extremely nice things which it contains I trust that you will nevertheless be good enough to correct in your next issue the few errors which have managed to find their way into your otherwise...

Page 37 of February 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, February 1934


45 ENT IES FOR LE MAINS ALREADY THE popularity of the 24 HOW'S Grand Prix d'Endurance at Le Mans continues unabated and 45 entries have already been received by the A.C. de l'Ottestsix months before the race! These entries are made up of the following makes : 4 Alfa Romeo, 3 Amilcar, 1 Argo, 4 Aston-Martins, 3 Bugattis, 1 Derby, 1 Lorraine, 4. M.G., 1 Maserati, 5 Riley, 1 Salmson, 3 Singer, 2...

Page 32 of October 1936 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, October 1936


FREDDIE DIXON'S RILEY VICT ORIOUS in the "500" TRACK-RACING PACEY-HASSAN-SPECIAL SECOND -STANDARD T.T. 41-LITRE LAGOND A THIRD RACE WON AT 116.6S M.P.H.ONLY FOUR FINISHERS Although interest now centres so very largely in road-racing contests, there are still people who derive much satisfaction from a long-distance race fought out at full bore over the outer circuit at Brooklands, so that no mean...

Page 46 of January 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, January 1934

Last Minute News of the Monte Carlo Rally.

Last Minute News of the Monte Carlo Rally. TRUE to the traditions of motoring events, a great rush of entries for the Rally came in on the eve of the closing date, and the time limit was extended to ensure that no last-minute nominations should be missed. As a result the organisers expect a record entry of about 140. Below is given the last official list available, together with some further...



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