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Page 60 of August 1963 archive issue thumbnail Page 60, August 1963

Another tale of woe

Sir, Your correspondence columns have long been open to aggrieved car owners, and a very useful service you have done them by your courage in giving names and publishing facts when their vehicles have given unnecessary trouble. My own recent experience seems to show that the inspection system of one of the "Big Five" has fallen to new depths. On May 23 of this year I took delivery of a new...

Page 19 of February 1930 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, February 1930

The Amateur Road Race and the A.C.U.

Many views have already been expressed about this, but here is another side of the question. Our contributor gives the point of view of the Isle of Man, and so throws some further light on the question. In view of the decision of the A.C.U. not to permit the running, in 1930, of the Amateur Race, an article tracing its origin and development will be of interest to many readers of MOTOR SPORT. The...

Page 47 of November 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 47, November 1978

The Sporting Tyre Makers AVON:

Conservatives with a competition streak At last month's Motor Show in Birmingham Avon Tyres Ltd. had something new to show potential customers. Nothing startling, just a five-rib range of steel-braced radials to be marketed under the Turbosteel name in 1979 in five different sizes. The tyres are conservative, after all many have had to follow Michelin technology before the small West Country...

Page 20 of October 1964 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, October 1964

Continental notes

I must start this month's notes with a postscript to my remarks in the last issue of Motor Sport concerning a certain 2-litre Porsche Carrera that became unstable at speeds of over 115 m.p.h. due to the tyres that were fitted. On the way to the Austrian Grand Prix I called in at Zuffenhausen, and noticed that this self-same car had been fitted with a set of Dunlop SP tyres since my criticism. I...

Page 99 of March 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 99, March 2013

Lunch with... Adrian Reynard

Innovator, improviser, impecunious... The founder of a famous British racing institution has been all three, but right now he's flying high once again By Simon Taylor Motor racing is dangerous: it's a truism that doesn't need repeating. And motor racing can be dangerous commercially, too. On the balance sheet as well as on the track, risk can reap huge rewards but can also result in huge crashes...

Page 35 of March 1985 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, March 1985

The constructors - 2

Reynard Adrian Reynard is unusual among production racing car constructors in that he snakes no secret of the fact that one day he hopes there will be an F1 car bearing his name. Even more unusual is that nobody close to the sport seriously doubts that he will achieve that ambition. Two days after this article is published Reynard will know whether he has made a significant move towards his goal...

Page 58 of November 1951 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, November 1951


CHAIN CHATTER bY "CA RROZZI NO" AFTER the rather severe beating that our road-racing men and machines suffer gl at Monza, it was very gratifying to see Our trials men more than make up for it by winning the International Six Days Trial In view of' the fact that the speed schedules and going generally in the trial throughout the six days favoured the smaller capacity machines, it is all the more...

Page 39 of November 1965 archive issue thumbnail Page 39, November 1965

2nd International Drag Festival

Last year the British Drag Racing Association arranged for a selection of American vehicles and drivers to visit this country and stage demonstrations of what American Drag Racing was all about, while at the same time a variety of British cars and motorcycles went through the motions of an American-type Drag meeting, running in pairs on a knock-out or elimination basis. Without doubt the stars of...

Page 57 of November 1961 archive issue thumbnail Page 57, November 1961


LETTERS FROM READERS N.B.—Opinions expressed are those of our Correspondents and "Motor Sport" does not necessarily associate itself with them.—Ed. THE WHITE RILEY Sir. It seems that I must sally forth into print to uphold the honour of the car which I have owned for some time past, namely the " White Riley." I am doing so after seeing the report in VeteranEdwardian—Vintage (October issue) that...

Page 40 of April 1956 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, April 1956


This time it is some old photographs, accompanied by notes, sent to me by Flt.-L.t. G. O'Donovan, son of the late D. R. O'Donovan, the Norton "wizard" of Brooklands fame, for my personal enjoyment, but the nostalgia from which he has generously agreed to let me pass on to you in these columns. The first photograph shows his father's first record-breaking Norton -- a 500-c.c. side-valve single...



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