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Page 18 of January 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, January 1967

Vintage Postbag

Twin o.h.c. Sir, May I be allowed to correct Mr. Anthony Blight's totally erroneous remark that " in 1930 twin overhead camshafts were a barbaric necessity . . . and wholly unsuitable for commercial production." Three cars come immediately to mind which used twin overhead camshafts in this period and which could certainly not be described as " mechanical abortions "; the " 1750 " Alfa Romeo, the...

Page 69 of February 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 69, February 1984

V-E-V odds and ends

- The Rolls-Royce EC announces that among its main meetings this year will be the National event at Stowe School on September 2nd, while it will again be taking a very active part in the “Rolls-Royce On a Wheel And Wing – Eighty Years On” at Duxford Aerodrome on June 17th, when it will be working in conjunction with the Imperial War Museum, an occasion when the occupants of Rolls-Royces in nine...

Page 39 of August 1963 archive issue thumbnail Page 39, August 1963

GO 52

On the occasion of the S.T.D. Register Wolverhampton Rally I had the privilege of being invited to drive there and back, from Kingston Blount, in Talbot 105 Team Car No. 2, the celebrated "GO 52." This splendid 1931 sports/racing car has been painstakingly restored by A. Blight. Indeed, he also owns GO 53, having bought both cars from Charles Mortimer who, having acquired them, quickly passed...

Page 93 of July 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 93, July 1984

Veteran Edwardian Vintage

A section devoted to old car mattersTalbots in London At the instigation of Stephen Lally, the 80th Anniversary of the Talbot name, in particular the opening of the factory, Ladbroke Hall, in October 1904 for building the Earl of Shrewsbury and Talbot's cars, at Barlby Road in W. London, was duly celebrated, with a rally at that very factory (likely soon to be pulled down, alas). On May 26th,...

Page 61 of April 1988 archive issue thumbnail Page 61, April 1988

Starting up

It would be somewhat misleading to suggest that veteran and even vintage cars were all easy starters. Indeed, in the early days, what was known as the starting-up procedure could be quite complicated. It might involve flooding the carburettor, priming the cylinders with petrol via the compression or priming taps, or on more sophisticated cars skilfully operating the mixture control or Ki-gass...

Page 39 of January 1964 archive issue thumbnail Page 39, January 1964

"The Le Mans 24-hour Race"

"The Le Mans 24-hour Race," by David Hodges. 140 pp. 7 1/2 x 6 1/2 in. (Temple Press Books Ltd., 42, Russell Square London, W.C.1. 18s.) Here at last, after some feeble former attempts, is a decent history of the great Le Mans race, from the first of the series in 1923, to last year's Ferrari-dominated race. Each year's race is dealt with separately, the text a summary rather than a tedious...

Page 36 of February 1966 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, February 1966

My Year's Motoring

The Editor looks back on the cars he drove in 1965 This annual review is intended as a refresher course for those readers who are interested in the good, bad, and indifferent aspects of the cars that came to us for road-test during the past twelve months. Consequently, it will not be a resume of the Good Life, as provided by D.S.J. last month. Nor do I claim to have toiled so hard at my motoring...

Page 46 of January 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, January 1971

"Automobile Design: Great Designers And Their Work."

"Automobile Design: Great Designers And Their Work." Edited by Ronald Barker and Anthony Harding. 374 pp. 10 in. x 6 1/4 in. (David & Charles, South Devon House, Newton Abbot, Devon. £4 4s.) At first this weighty tome seems to cover an odd selection of designers, because engineers of the calibre of Sir Henry Royce, Laurence Pomeroy, Georges Roesch, Louis Coatalen, Ernest Henry, Ettore Bugatti...

Page 48 of December 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, December 1976

Veteran - Edwardian - Vintage

A section devoted to old-car matters From Mr. Roger West, Production Editor of the Industrial Railway Record publications, we have received No. 67 in this series (published last August and available for 75p, from R. V. Mulligan, 3, Cumberland Grove, Great Sutton, Wirral, Merseyside, L66 4XH) about the Spurn Head Railway. What has this to do with Motor Sport? Well, apart from some of our readers...

Page 31 of November 1961 archive issue thumbnail Page 31, November 1961


CLASSES IN MOTOR MAINTENANCE Readers in north-east Middlesex may be interested to know of evening courses for owner-drivers in Motor Maintenance. The classes are of a theoretical and practical nature and are held from 7.15-9.15 on weekdays at White Hart Lane Old School, White Hart Lane, Wood Green, N.22. MONOPOSTO REGISTER This small group of enthusiastic clubmen who have been organising club...



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