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Page 138 of December 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 138, December 2010

The racing historian, his fighter pilot son, and the Nazi…

One of the most cherished of all the volumes on my library shelves is a first-edition A Record of Motor Racing, published for the Royal Automobile Club by Reveirs Bros of Fetter Lane, London, in 1909. This was the first great British history of motor sport, and its young author, Gerald Rose, put his painstaking training as an engineer into researching and writing it. He addressed the earliest...

Page 73 of January 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 73, January 1996

Bill Boddy

Car and Man of the Century awards Autocar, in conjunction with its 100th issue with Esso, had its readers (I do not know how many) and staff vote for the Car and Man of the Century. The result was the Mini and the late Enzo Ferrari. The awards were made to Dr Alex Moulton, who was responsible for the innovative rubber suspension of the late Sir Alec Issigonis's little car, and to Enzo's son Piero...

Page 9 of January 1947 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, January 1947


by "Baladeur" The Editor of Motor Sport is an indulgent man. That much is obvious from the fact that he is prepared, month after month, to provide this skid-patch whereon his contributor "Baladeur" may perform his evolutions. At the same time he has been known to remind me that not all his readers live in that world of the past which I appear continually to inhabit. And, completely undeterred, I...

Page 37 of February 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, February 1983

Veteran Edwardian Vintage

A section devoted to old car matters The 1902 Renault For many years now, motor racing historians who are accustomed to regarding Gerald Rose's Record of Motor Racing as an impeccable source of information for the period up to 1908 have been puzzled by an obvious anomaly contained in it with regard to the Renault racing voiture légère of 1902. Writing of the car which won the Paris-Vienna race,...

Page 11 of May 1948 archive issue thumbnail Page 11, May 1948


By "Baladeur" This month the inimitable" Baladeur " has struck a very topical subject in discussing racing possible only by the use of alcohol fuel! We have answered his request for additional information on alcohol fuel, in the light of modern practice, by enlisting the aid of that well-known expert, Mr. L. G. Callingham, who in his time has driven a wide variety of racing cars, and whose...

Page 92 of July 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 92, July 1990

The Complete History of Grand Prix Motor Racing

by Adriano Cimarosti. 432 pp. 11 1/2" x 9". MRP, Unit 6, The PiIton Estate, 46, Pitlake, Croydon, CRO 3RY £29.95 What an ambitious idea! The full history of GP racing from 1894 to 1989 in one volume. The dustjacket claims that Cimarosti covers not only all those races but also the drivers and the race tracks. Moreover the book is interspersed with little technical drawings of mechanical details...

Page 52 of October 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 52, October 1955

A V.S.C.C. Occasion

To celebrate the 21st Anniversary of the Vintage Sports Car Club a rally was arranged at Goodwood circuit on September 10th, and a truly memorable and picturesque occasion this proved to be. A total of 253 veteran, Edwardian and vintage vehicles (the actual sub-divisions were 16 veteran cars, 55 Edwardian cars, 168 vintage cars, and 14 Edwardian and vintage motor-cycles) took part in a mass...

Page 47 of August 1957 archive issue thumbnail Page 47, August 1957

Book Reviews

"The History of Brooklands Motor Course," by William Boddy. 504 pp., 9¾ in. by 7¼ in. (Grenville Publishing Co., Ltd., 15, City Road, London E.C.1. 50s.) This monumental work, which appears in the year of Brooklands' Golden Jubilee, puts its author in the same bracket as Gerald Rose, Laurence Pomeroy and Kent Kerslake where motor-racing history is concerned. Based on the official documents of the...

Page 15 of February 1947 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, February 1947

Club News

We Hear J. N. Morton is proposing to install a 3-litre Bentley engine in a 1925 Sunbeam chassis, and E. Hopewell Ash reports that he is using a 1922 Jowett 2-seater which he acquired last Easter, and which ably takes his family and much luggage from Ruislip to the coast on a handful of revs, the whole way. We learn that Penn's Riley which ran at Cofton Hackett last year, and which we said looked...

Page 37 of March 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, March 1955

Sideslips by "Baladeur"

When famous British motor manufacturers fail financially--which, in the past at least, they have usually done through continuing to make the sort of cars which people like making instead of the sort which the public likes buying—they are customarily taken over by some larger industrial undertaking, so that the name at least remains, even if the product it attaches to ceases to bear any very...



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