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Page 68 of May 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 68, May 1992


Female Intuition Sir, As a female follower of a predominantly male sport, I would love to see a woman driver making a name for herself in the upper echelons of motor racing. Having said that, I feel I must add my name to the long list of critics who have carped about Giovanna Amati's accession to Grand Prix racing. Formula 1 should be reserved for the world's fastest 26 drivers, not the richest...

Page 62 of February 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 62, February 2010

Lunch with... Desiré Wilson

The talented South African remains the only woman ever to have won an F1 race. But she’s never thought of herself in those terms – she’s just a racing driverBy Simon Taylor Redoubtable females run like a thread through motor sport history, from Camille du Gast to Danica Patrick, from Kay Petre to Christabel Carlisle. But only two have raced in World Championship Grands Prix. Maria-Teresa de...

Page 42 of July 1988 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, July 1988

A Brazilian Proving a Point

Roberto the racehorse had a successful career, capped by a 1972 Derby success with assistance from Lester Piggott. For Roberto the racing driver, life has yet to scale such happy peaks, even though — by rights — it ought to have done a long time ago. The Roberto in question was born into the Moreno family 28 years ago, and was offered a Formula One chance by Lotus as long ago as 1982, when an...

Page 104 of July 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 104, July 2010

Women, where's your place?

Motor sport has a history of great female competitors, but they’ve always been in the minority. It’s an imbalance that the FIA is now addressingBy Franca Davenport Last year I saw my first ‘grid boy’ in Valencia at the European Grand Prix. It was a refreshing sight, and thanks to his rare status he received far more attention than his female counterparts. Currently it seems the same is true for...

Page 130 of August 2011 archive issue thumbnail Page 130, August 2011


nternatona 7a-mu stars of he future a 3000 was a ways a provng ground for 71 's ere, some of hem are put to he test at Pau DAVID & HELEN GILLESPIE-PECK Dordogne resident Helen sent in husband David's shots of International F3000 races at Pau. Today, both still attend Historique meetings at the picturesque street track. 1990 marked the Pau GP's 50th anniversary. Mark Blundell struggled in '88...

Page 46 of July 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, July 1992

Is this the world's most desireable sportscar?

McLaren lends its F1 expertise to the creation of its first roadcar for 23 years ”I want people to feel as if they are driving Formula One technology on the road.” Behind Gordon Murray's simple statement lies three years of solid research and development into the latest of the supercar genre to ease its way into the crowded market place. McLaren Cars' long awaited F1 emerged amid dry ice and...

Page 76 of October 2005 archive issue thumbnail Page 76, October 2005

Dave Coyne -- the ultimate cult hero

He left a trail of battered egos in his wake, but his brilliance was never rewarded. Marcus Simmons drops in on his car dealership He was the great alley-cat bruiser of 1980s British motorsport, a stocky bundle of stunning car control, racing savvy and ruthlessness who at various stages of his career saw off or outpaced Ayrton Senna, Elio de Angelis, Andrea de Cesaris, Stefan Bellof, Martin...

Page 8 of March 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 8, March 1992

A two-horse race?

Last year it was Mansell chasing Senna. Will it be the other way round in 1992? Quintessentially, 1991 was a two-horse race, with Ayrton Senna winning seven Grands Prix to Nigel Mansell's five, Patrese supporting his team-mate with a brace of victories, and Berger and Piquet picking up but a win apiece. Who can forget the way in which the Brazilian won four straight victories as the season opened...

Page 13 of April 1994 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, April 1994

Who is

• 14 Tatore.9 lie is the mystery man of Formula One, yet behind the scenes he has the car of the leaders sign and wields ificant power. But... if it knows anything at all of him, the general public is more cognisant of events around him than it is of the personality of Flavio Briatore. Last year he made national newspaper headlines when at 3. I 7am on Wednesday February 10 a bomb blew away part...

Page 24 of April 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, April 1992

An offer he culdn't refuse

In 1988 Steve Sydenham gave up banging his head against a brick wall and reluctantly folded Racing for Britain. Now he wants to bang his head again Remember Racing for Britain, the innovative scheme launched back in 1981 with the express aim of helping British drivers into F1? It started out as a brave new dream, and ended in acrimony and a near nervous breakdown for the man behind it, Steve...



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