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Page 50 of June 1970 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, June 1970


A Section Devoted to Old-Car Matters A VARIETY OF ANCIENT THINGS LATE APRIL and early May gave me an interesting variety of veteran and vintage happenings to attend to. It began one Thursday when I set off in the Reliant Scimitar GTE to intercept St. John Cousins Nixon on his 1,060-mile drive round Britain, sponsored by British Leyland, in the actual 1899 single-cylinder Wolseley which ran, as No...

Page 9 of November 1947 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, November 1947

Book Reviews

"The Other Battle," by Donovan M. Ward (B.S.A. Ltd.). This is another full-length (180 page) professionally-produced book about the part played by a great British industrial organisation during the 1939-45 war. It is extremely well presented, with some magnificent colour-plate illustrations, and tells well a story of preparation, blitz and difficulties overcome. Much of Donovan Ward's story...

Page 38 of February 1974 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, February 1974

Another remarkable restoration ... of a Veteran racing-car

The Editor Rides with Bill Lake on his 1902 9.2-litre Paris-Vienna Mors In 1970, MOTOR SPORT devoted considerable space to Philip Mann's rebuilt 1914 Mercedes, winner of that year's French Grand Prix, describing it as the restoration of the decade. We are not in the habit of cramming our pages with accounts of any recently restored ancient cars that turn up, preferring to wait until something...

Page 41 of June 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 41, June 1982

"Oh Dear" department

IN THE adjacent reports on the VSCC Wessex and Welsh Trials on page 572 last month P.H.J.W. had it that in the first of these events that enthusiastic competitor Branislav Sudjic drove a Tracta (and captioned a picture as such) and W.B. said in the second event, a week later, Sudjic drove a Tatra. We know that he has a Salmson and an Alvis and other cars, but this was rather too much even for...

Page 60 of February 1994 archive issue thumbnail Page 60, February 1994

GB Napiers at Castle Rheban

Bob Montgomery of Co Meath, motoring journalist and former saloon-car champion, is writing a book about the 1903 Irish Gordon Bennett race and Jenatzy who won it for Mercedes, and is also compiling a script for a TV documentary on this historic event. Below he recalls some interesting links with that occasion, which became evident when Lord Montagu returned to the Napier team's HQ with the...

Page 55 of October 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 55, October 1981

Veteran Edwardian Vintage

A section devoted to old-car matters The Life and Times of Montie Grahame-White (Continued from the September issue) Following his unsuccessful debut as a racing driver in the 1902 Paris-Vienna race due to troubles experienced with the Wolseley Beetle which he was allocated, Lt Comdr (as he later became) Grahame-White (afterwards referred to as G-W) was asked to conduct some stunts in Richmond...

Page 45 of May 1937 archive issue thumbnail Page 45, May 1937


ON THE OPENING OF THE SOUTHERN ROAD-CIRCUITS The closing weeks of April and the first day of May marked an important period in British motor-racing, When two new road-circuits were opened, one at the Crystal Palace grounds almost in the heart of London, the other at Brooklands, Weybridge, a mere twenty miles from London.. It is unnecessary to discuss all that these new circuits mean or at all...

Page 57 of December 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 57, December 1977

Veteran - Edwardian - Vintage

A section devoted to old-car matters The Brighton Run (November 6th) Once again Renault Ltd. sponsored another successful RAC Veteran Car Run from London to Brighton, which brought in an entry of 278 pre-1905 automobiles, was very keenly supported by the public, who lined the route from Hyde Park to the Pylons, and which enjoyed a pleasantly summery day of sunshine and blue skies after torrential...

Page 51 of July 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 51, July 1982

Veteran Edwardian Vintage

A SECTION DEVOTED TO OLD-CAR MATTERS The Six-cylinder Napiers THE 60 h.p. Mercedes, with whichI dealt in the January issue of MOTOR SPORT, was perhaps the most remarkable veteran car of all the pre-1905 makes and models, stall events in terms of performance available to ordinary, if wealthy, motorists. It did not possess the technical ingenuity of a Lanchester but it went very fast indeed along...

Page 30 of September 1930 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, September 1930


WHKRI-4, ARE THE VETERANS? By E. K H. KARSLAKE. ISUPPOSE that there are some people who think themselves motor sporting enthusiasts, and whose ideal car is something with a close coupled 4-seater coupe body, a high advertised speed and batteries of electric windscreen wipers. But on the other hand there are some of us to whom all this just represents a ghastly caricature of a car. We wonder...



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