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Page 30 of September 1965 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, September 1965

Coupe des Alpes

Results:Category A—Touring: 1st: R. Trautmann/C. Bouchet (Lancia Flavia).2nd: T. Makinen/. P. Easter (Cooper S).3rd: H. Taylor/B. Melia (Cortina-Lotus).4th: P. Hopkirk/H. Liddon (Copper).5th: J. F. Piot/F. Jacob (R8-Gordini).6th: J. Vinatier/H. Melot (R8-Gordini).7th: J. C. Ogier/B. Ogier (DS19).8th: A. Fall/J. Wood (Morris-Cooper).9th: R. Neyret/J. P. Vehrilac (DS19).10th: R. Clark/A. Porter (...

Page 62 of August 1964 archive issue thumbnail Page 62, August 1964

A Touch of the Midnight sun

In the past, the Swedish Rally to the Midnight Sun has often clashed with the dates of the Coupe des Alpes so that, although both have been qualifying rounds in the European Rally Championship, it has been virtually impossible to compete in both. This year, there was just over a week between them, which meant that, apart from consideration of whether this made reconnaissance of both routes...

Page 68 of April 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 68, April 2000

The greatest rally driver of all time

It's no easy thing to rank a century of rally drivers, but John Davenport asked some of the great names in the sport for their votes on which one had it all Man has faced all manner of difficult tasks over the years, such as climbing the north face of the Eiger. But it is just possible that, in the first few months of the twenty-first century, Motor Sport has already discovered something harder....

Page 100 of April 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 100, April 1999

Le Tour de Corse

The birthplace of Napoleon is a rally driver's nirvana. a wide-eyed John Davenport remembers some 'on-the-edge' motoring in Corsica They could have called it anything: The 24 Hours of Corsica, The 1000 Miles of the Mediterranean or even the Targa Napoleon. Instead they called it The Tour of Corsica, a title straight out of a Saga Holidays brochure. Admittedly there was a sub-title, Rallye des Dix...

Page 34 of October 1966 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, October 1966

Alpine Rally

GENERAL CLASSIFICATION 1st: Rolland/Augoas (Alfa GTA)2nd: Clark/Melia (Ford Lotus-Cortina)3rd: Aaltonen/Liddon (B.M.C. Cooper-S)4th: Piot/Jacob (Renault 1500) A "Coupe D'Or," or "Golden Coupe," the prize for three Coupes in three consecutive years, is the dream of every rallyist, both amateur and professional. The feat of remaining free of road penalties on three consecutive Alpine Rallies has...

Page 60 of November 1964 archive issue thumbnail Page 60, November 1964

Fragments on forgotten makes

No. 29—The Deemster The Deemster was one of the many makes of light car which was in production for some years after the First World War but which faded away through no fault of its own. I am indebted to V.S.C.C. member Malcolm Jeal, who runs an Austin Seven Chummy, for an introduction to Mr. G. E. Hester, who was Works Manager of the Ogston Motor Company (5901) Ltd., which made Deemster cars,...

Page 40 of July 1965 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, July 1965

The A.D.A.C. 1,000 kilometres

A Ferrari Demonstration Adenau, Germany, May 23rd. AS a race the A.D.A.C. 1,000 Kilometres at Nürburgring was a bit of a farce, but as a demonstration of the power and force of Ferrari in motor racing it was most impressive. The only driver among the 126 taking part who was capable of challenging John Surtees, given an equal car, was Graham Hill, but as he was driving a 3.3-litre Ferrari, against...

Page 72 of November 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 72, November 1996

Guide To Historic Sports Racing Cars 1950-1970

Since 1923, when Charles Faroux organised the first Le Mans 24 Hours, it has been the principal aim of serious sports car manufacturers to both compete and win at the classic Sarthe circuit. Other events like the Mille Miglia and Targa Florio were almost, but not quite, of equal importance, but have fallen by the wayside — rightly or wrongly — as victims of hysterical human emotion. Le Mans,...

Page 24 of December 1965 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, December 1965

Tour de Corse

We are constantly being told that the days of road racing are over. All that, they tell us, passed away with the Mille Miglia and it is very unlikely to return, at least in the civilised parts of Europe. However, already this year we have seen the Circuit of Mugello held as a road race over public roads on the Italian mainland while on the island of Sicily, the Targa Florio Sails majestically on...


November 2019
Ultimate Porsche: The Most Ruthless Racer Ever Built



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