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Page 9 of October 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, October 2004

Paul Fearnley's off the line

Green Issues Nobody had worn British Racing Green with greater pride — or more success — than Team Lotus. Impressed by the glitz and glamour of Indianapolis, Chapman had added that longitudinal yellow stripe, but that was all. Until Esso and Firestone withdrew their support — and ex-Lotus mechanic Dave Lazenby happened to mention to Andrew Ferguson, the man whose job it was to keep the team's...

Page 44 of October 1961 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, October 1961


XXXII ITALIAN GRAND PRIX An Unhappy Ferrari Win MoNzA, September loth. Iris becoming traditional for the Italian Grand Prix to be considered an " end-of-season-blind," where everyone has a go to win or burst in the attempt, for usually by September the usually . various Grand Prix teams have reached their peak of seasonal development and new models are on the way, and often these are tried out in...

Page 14 of January 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, January 1993

Delirium tremens

Farewell to a straight shooterWhen it comes to telling things as they are, Fl can ill afford to lose men of the calibre of Goodyear's Lee Gaug "A lot of them are spoiled, overpaid kids who are not responsible. They're good, but as people they're not as good as they ought to be. They don't appreciate where their pay cheques come from." You could never accuse Lee Gaug of being bird-mouthed. He has...

Page 133 of August 2011 archive issue thumbnail Page 133, August 2011

Doug Nye

INDY'S FORGOTTEN BRITISH WINNER Doug Nye Dan Wheldon's latest Indy vIctory adds to BrIta'n's roll of honour. But UK Speedway success began wIth 'the other Darlo' In 1916 got up in the marbles and that was it..." must be one of the most poignant quotes I can recall, given the circumstances of J RHildebrand losing his tactically well-merited race lead in the 800th — and last — corner of this year's...

Page 16 of May 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, May 2000

Nigel Roebuck

Legends At the end of lunch in Goodwood House, I felt I should apologise to Luciano Burti, seated on my right, having spent an hour talking to the man on my left. Burti, Jaguar's test driver, is a personable fellow, and if I ignored him, it was only from a reluctance to miss the chance, after too long, of catching up with Jacky Ickx. Strange how some people barely change over the years. Ickx is...

Page 15 of February 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, February 1999

How quick was Jim Clark?

Sir, I appreciated very much your December issue and Matthew Franey's analysis of the elements which make some drivers great and different from others; of course, Jimmy Clark was one of them. One of the examples about Clark, apart from being a testimony of his ability to be quick right from the start, may remind us that accuracy, in motor racing history, may be sometimes difficult to attain. In...

Page 84 of July 2007 archive issue thumbnail Page 84, July 2007

Surtees on Clark

John Surtees says that ‘team-mate’ is a misnomer. Mateyness simply isn’t part of the relationship between drivers in a team, but he and exact contemporary Jimmy Clark came close to it This is a difficult choice for John Surtees. He has raced alongside so many of the great names. He sits behind his desk, surrounded by books and papers, and thinks long and hard. He’s looking at me. I think I know...

Page 18 of January 1968 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, January 1968

American Comment

Most of the last eight weeks have been spent following the Canadian-American Challenge Cup and a number of the United States Auto Club's championship events, so since this is my first American Comment I thought it would be interesting to give a brief background to the motor-racing scene on this side of the water. In the United States the governing body for the sport is A.C.C.U.S., the Automobile...

Page 74 of March 2009 archive issue thumbnail Page 74, March 2009

Lunch with Paddy Hopkirk

The PM, Brucie, The Beatles… They all wanted to know this Belfast boy after his Mini win in Monte Carlo. But that was just one of his many successes In the UK at least, the frenzy surrounding Lewis Hamilton’s World Championship win last November spread far beyond Formula 1’s normal audience, and for a few days his name was on the lips of politicians, comedians, media pundits, even the priest on...

Page 100 of June 2011 archive issue thumbnail Page 100, June 2011

An American abroad

Texan Jim Hall twice made waves in Europe - first in a promising but short-lived F1 career, then as a team owner in sports cars with his innovative ChaparralsBy Gordon Kirby If there is one thing that Jim Hall is renowned for, it's his revolutionary Chaparral Can-Am cars. For the best part of a decade, between 1963 70, a mind-blowing series of Chaparrals rewrote the book on closed-wheel sports...



November 2019
Ultimate Porsche: The Most Ruthless Racer Ever Built



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