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Page 4 of October 1949 archive issue thumbnail Page 4, October 1949

Business Follows the Chequered Flag

Mr. R. Sternberg, an American visitor to the B.R.D.C Silverstone meeting, was so impressed with the performance of the J-type Allard two-seaters that he arranged there and then to purchase the car in which Leslie Allard finished third in the over 2 1/2-litre class. The car was shipped to the States on the first available boat, the Queen Elizabeth, which sailed a week later, and it was due to run...

Page 18 of December 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, December 1942

Club news

We hear…. Robert Waddy was in fine form last month and full of ideas for another special and for hydro-pneumatic suspension after the war. Dick Caesar still has a 3-litre Invicta tourer for sale. His special 6 1/2-litre Bentley and Edwardian Belsize are stored for the duration and he motors in two "12/60" Alvis cars, a 4-seater and a saloon. His scheme, propounded in this paper some time ago, for...

Page 3 of June 1947 archive issue thumbnail Page 3, June 1947

Prescott Spring Hill-Climb

Sydney Allard beats them all in his new car. Five Class records fall. Magnificent ascents by John Bolster. The weather was perfect at Prescott on May 11th and at this popular venue, set in beautiful hill-country, a large crowd saw five class records fall and Sydney Allard make f.t.d. and come within 1.11 sec. of Raymond Mays' record, with the new racing, but unblown, Allard. The veterans opened...

Page 1 of August 1947 archive issue thumbnail Page 1, August 1947

A Highly Successful Gransden Meeting

R. D. Poore wins the Gransden Trophy Race in the 3.8-litre AlfaRomeo from Abecassis at 86.3 m.p.h. Habershon's 1 1/2-litre Delage Victorious in Vintage Scratch Race. Alan May's "30198" Vauxhall Placed Twice. The thanks of all enthusiasts who gathered at Gransden Lodge airfield on July 13th are due to the C.U.A.C. and V.S.C.C. for the splendid circuit racing witnessed there. In general, the...

Page 6 of August 1947 archive issue thumbnail Page 6, August 1947

Gerard's E.R.A makes f.t.d at Summer Prescott Meeting

Rodney Clarke's "3.3" G.P. Bugatti breaks Sports-Car Record. Mrs. Darbishire (Riley) raises her own Ladies' Record Many Class Records Broken Gerrard's white 2-litre twin-rear-tyred E.R.A. made fastest time at the Summer Open Prescott Speed Hill-Climb. Cornering carefully, he clocked 47.35 sec. His first run occupied 48.13 Sec.; his second run was a distinct improvement, and .68 sec. faster than...

Page 15 of October 1948 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, October 1948


WET COURSE SLOWS DOWN INTERNATIONAL PRESCOTT MEETING P. D. C. Walker (E.R.A.) Proves "Rain Master" on Magnificent Fastest Run THE weather gods were cruel indeed to the B.O.C. on September 12th. Practice day enjoyed perfect conditions, and was enlivened by the astonishing Freikaiserwagen unofficially beating Gerard's course-record, by Leslie Allard equalling Whincop's sports-car record, and, alas...

Page 17 of April 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, April 1955

Standard's convincing success in difficult R.A.C Rally

The R.A.C. International Rally held from March 8th-12th, finishing at hospitable Hastings, was toughened by bad weather and came in for a good deal of criticism, because baulking in narrow lanes was frequent, sections were cut out after some competitors had tackled them, and the event ran hours behind schedule in places, causing many competitors to retire disconsolate; the Longrines Printogines...

Page 8 of June 1948 archive issue thumbnail Page 8, June 1948

Gerard breaks May's record at Prescott

The Course Record and three Class Records broken at highly successful May Meeting Beautiful weather graced the May Meeting of the B.O.C. at Prescott, and F. R. Gerard, fresh from his Jersey victory, now driving his 2-litre B-type E.R.A., with twin Dunlop 4.75-18 tyres on the rear wheels, at last broke the course record held by Raymond Mays' D-type E.R.A. since July, 1939.  The new figure is 45.67...

Page 10 of September 1947 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, September 1947

Reports of Recent Events

Hants & Berks M.C. Burghfield Speed Trial In these days one must not scorn any place where speed events can be held, and consequently the warmest praise is due to Mr. Neil Gardiner for laying out a drive on his estate at Burghfield specially for sprint events. There are so many corners that its 440 yards are never straight and cars never reach racing speeds, but the first r.h. curve and two...

Page 16 of August 1948 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, August 1948

Hants & Berks M.C. Speed Trial

Wharton beats the big cars  This event, graced by perfect weather and impeccably organised, was held at Neil Gardiner's Burghfield Common estate on July 25th. The course, embracing five banked corners, had been lengthened since 1947 to make it a full quarter-mile. Few drivers were able to get out of second gear, but the faster cars averaged over 37 m.p.h.  Interesting cars included Browne's...



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