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Page 95 of March 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 95, March 2000

George's brother

Those conversant with pre-WW2 motor racing will know that Captain GET Eyston was a prolific record-breaker, up to his LSR of 357.6mph in the 2350hp 'Thunderbolt' in 1938, as well as being a capable driver of Aston Martin, Bugatti, Alfa Romeo, Maserati and MG cars, etc. The Eystons could trace their origins back to before the Reformation. George Eyston began racing in 1923, with two Astons bought...

Page 27 of April 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, April 1938


BUGATTI OWNERS' CLUB Alone beneath the big Club badge at one end of the long room at the Green Park Club on March 9th, Col. G. M. Giles and Eric Giles conducted the annual general meeting of the Bugatti Owners' Club. The meeting went off as smoothly as any meeting ever has done. The Council were unanimously re-elected and not a single suggestion was made or a complaint registered, save that J. D...

Page 19 of July 1953 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, July 1953

The Sports Cars of Britain

The Editor takes stock of current productions from a country where such cars "come naturally" "They arrived in a light, open sports car: the car of the age, the car of youth." - From an article by Macdonald Hastings in The Sunday Express, 31st May, 1953. Before embarking on this survey the perennial query arises, what is a sports car ? I am going to look this straight in the loudspeaker and...

Page 26 of July 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, July 1933


RAIN SPOILS SHELSLEY WALSH Raymond Mays (Villiers Supercharge) makes fastest time in 444/5 secs. : The Bolster Special has a sensational crash, without serious injury to its driver : Breakdown of timing apparatus and an entry of 1 14 draw out the event to 61 hours. SHELSLEY RECORD HOLDERS THAT it should be a rainy day for the Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb has become almost a byword. This year the day...

Page 62 of February 1995 archive issue thumbnail Page 62, February 1995

Tough Times In The Highlands

It is 1922, when times were tough in the Scottish Highlands, probably economically, certainly for drivers in the Royal Scottish AC's Six Days Light Car Trials. At this stage of motoring history the desire to own a car was well advanced, the new generation of small cars, cheap to buy and economical to run, in full spate. Manufacturers were keen to tap this expanding market, and the RSAC presented...

Page 5 of October 1926 archive issue thumbnail Page 5, October 1926


LEADING MOTOR C LUBS. No. 1. The Cambridge University Motor-Cycle Club. [Under this heading a series of illustrated articles will be published from history and interesting items connected with motor and motor-cycle clubs to encouraging local interest in the clubs concerned and in the sport time to time, dealing with the early throughout the country, with a view of motoring generally.] THE C.U.M.C...

Page 72 of May 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 72, May 1993

Aston Martin 1913-1947, by Inman Hunter and Alan Archer. Osprey Publishing, £40.00

Quite rightly, as with other leading makes, there have been quite a number of books about Aston Martins. This latest title, however, is very clearly the definitive work covering Bamford & Martin, Bertelli and subsequent models. A first impression of the book which Alan Archer, the painstaking AMOC archivist, has fully revised, might be that it's just an extension of the fine marque history...

Page 63 of May 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 63, May 1990

75th Anniversary

While I was busy thinking of an excuse to bring together and write about an interesting collection of Aston Martins, a certain date passed me by without my thinking it in the least significant. That date was Friday March 16th, and it wasn't until nearly a week later that Alan Archer, Chairman of the Aston Martin Owners Club, pointed out that it had been the 75th anniversary of the first...

Page 15 of December 1937 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, December 1937


We need offer no apology for belatedly reviewing this book, which was published early in 1930, because it is an excellent work which can profitably be read or re-read at the prese it time, particularly as a stimulant to those fortunate mortals who will be embarking on the great Rally next mouth. Humphrey Sy nions describes his attempts at success in the Monte Carlo Rally from 1929 to 1936;...

Page 43 of March 1985 archive issue thumbnail Page 43, March 1985

Veteran Edwardian Vintage

The Grand Tour — Vintage Style Having pondered on the tour of the Dolomites described in "The Motor Mountaineer" article in the January, issue, When George Abraham accompanied Geoffrey Summers in his new 40/50 hp Rolls-Royce tourer on this 1921 adventure, I have been thinking about other motoring Grand Tours of Europe, in which fortunate motoring journalists were sometimes asked to take part. (...



August 2019
100 years, three cars, one epic track test



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