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Page 9 of June 1940 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, June 1940

Cars I have owned

The first article on this subject, by Donald Munro in the April issue, proved so popular that we hope to include others by well-known personalities from time to time. The second of what we hope will be a series is presented herewith, the author being W. G. S. Wike, a very well-known member of the Northern Section of the Vintage S.C.C. "The owner knows most" is a very true saying, so these...

Page 17 of February 1946 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, February 1946

Club News

We Hear Lt. Dick Staddon, R.N.V.R., is concentrating all his energies on his Type 37 Bugatti, so he and Lt. Massey Riddle intend to sell the 7th Series Lancia "Lambda" with genuine Italian coupé body that they recently restored. Incidentally, last year their mess boasted Riddle's "105" Talbot 2-seater, two fine 3-litre Bentleys, a 1929 open 2-litre Lagonda, two Talbot "75s," one open, one closed...

Page 13 of February 1939 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, February 1939

club news

etialiewd ......?1101.1111111111.119P SOUTHSEA M.C. The Club reported at its annual general meeting that it is now in a much sounder position than before. The following officers were elected for the cowing season :—Trials Secretary : C. S. De we-y ; Social Secretary : D. P. Kirkman ; lion. Treasurer : N. Lloyd Evans ; Chief Marshal : S. Teversham ; Press Secretary : M. W. Shepard. The President,...

Page 18 of October 1941 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, October 1941


Sir, Congratulations on repeating once more that monthly miracle, the production of MOTOR SPORT: the current issue is well up to standard, but I cannot resist the teMptation to make a few comments on its contents. Firstly, I must in my turn stage an "outburst "against Mr. Gandhi. Without wishing to provoke a hunger-strike or any other form of protest, I must say that he seems unusually proficient...

Page 12 of June 1939 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, June 1939


THE FASTEST SPORTS CAR Sir, Discussions in MOTOR SPORT regarding the fastest sports-car seem to have centred round Mr. Lycett's 8-litre Bentley; the general opinion of the ex-Birkin blower 4-i, owned by the RobertsonRoger brothers appears to be based on MOTOR SPORT'S best, which revealed a maximum of 104 m.p.h., this speed also being reached on third gear. However, an article by L. G. McKenzie...

Page 19 of October 1941 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, October 1941


,f: * * THIS CLASS I BUSINESS Sir, By an amazing coincidence, I have been attempting for some time past to design a 500-cc. single-cylinder racing car, to be built after the war, and Kenneth Neve's article in your August issue covers all the things I have been thinking. You ask what the performance of such a car would be, and I have enough data to work this out fairly accurately. As Mr. Neve says...

Page 13 of November 1941 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, November 1941

Club news

0444 /kali WE HEAR . . . Bowen-Buscarlet, who used. to drive. a Riley Nine at Brooklands is a Group Captain, R.A.F. Wing emdr. Seroggs now runs an S,S., and has been Seen piloting a Bell " Airoeobra," but has his Trojan in store; Mine is also interested in the Bell. Capt. J. J. Hall has dug out veteran and vintage motor-cycles with a vengeance, and his finds have included A.B.C., Scott, 1912 2-hp...

Page 22 of January 1953 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, January 1953


Hispano history During the year 1950 Kent Karslake wrote up the marque Hispano-Suiza in Motor Sport, and subsequently we had quite a discussion in these pages about the valve gear of certain pre-I914 models and the exact engine size of the post-1914 Monza model. Now further information and fresh doubts about the marque arise as a result of a very interesting article by Peter Dale, which appeared...

Page 10 of July 1943 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, July 1943

Cars I have owned

Holland Birkett, Captain of the 750 Club, has his say in the matter of personal motor-cars. – Ed. From the age of twelve I had been systematically conditioning my parents to my proposed motoring career, and so at sixteen I was sent off on a train to a place forty miles distant, to buy a motor-cycle from a friend of my father's and ride it home. This scheme was hatched spontaneously in the...

Page 27 of March 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, March 1938


A Bentley Specialist IHAD the pleasure of paving another visit to McKenzie's premises behind Victoria Station last month. Just at present he is putting in a deal of work on Mr. Lycett's famous 8-litre Bentley, which is being prepared for more speed work, one special item being the fitting of light ribbed brake drums of R.R. alloy. An 8-litre open four-seater Bentley is being prepared for a client...



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