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Page 83 of August 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 83, August 1975

The Jaguar D-Type

When the Jaguar D-type made its racing debut in the 1954 Le Mans 24-hour race, it marked a complete departure from the XK 12—based C-types which had won the race in 1951 and 1953. instead of the C-type’s space-frame the D-type had a central monocoque tub in 18 gauge magnesium alloy, with holes cut in to house driver and “passenger”. A tubular aluminium subframe argon arc-welded to it carried...

Page 90 of August 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 90, August 2014

Norman's conquest

The D-type didn’t win many races in period, but fared spectacularly well in those that most mattered. Sixty years on from the car’s first test, Motor Sport joins Jaguar development driver Norman Dewis at the helm By Andrew Frankel  The dark green prototype has been lapping the handling circuit at the Motor Industry Research Association proving ground for a while now, the distinctive bark of its 3...

Page 149 of July 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 149, July 2014

Something in the air

Once dismissed by Enzo Ferrari as a science for those who didn’t understand engines, aerodynamics proved to be manna for those who understood racing cars…Writer Adam Cooper This was a period of tumultuous change for Formula 1– and the greatest developments came in the field of aerodynamics. Just consider the arc of evolution between the Lotus 49B, which Emerson Fittipaldi raced at Brands Hatch in...

Page 58 of November 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, November 2008

Best of three?

In 1955 the Jaguar D-type, Ferrari 750 Monza and Aston Martin DB3S all contested the Goodwood Nine Hours. But which is best? It’s a tough choiceBy Andrew Frankel As the crowds arrived at Goodwood on August 20, 1955 for the Nine Hours endurance race, few if any of the fans knew that it would be the last long-distance, day into night race held at their beloved track – at least, until the circuit’s...

Page 30 of July 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, July 1997

Paradise lost

It never even entered a race, let alone won Le Mans, yet within the Jaguar XJ13 lies the stuff of legend. Andrew Frankel takes it back to the scene of its only triumph and near-fatal disaster to find if reality matches the myth. What is it about the Jaguar XJ13? What other racing car could have once attracted an offer of £7 million despite never having been entered into, let alone won, a single...

Page 69 of November 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 69, November 2003

X-ray spec: Jaguar XJ13

Starved of support, XJ13's potential stayed hidden for years. Keith Howard talks with the man who tested it against its main rival, and still rates it As many have discovered, recapturing past glories in motorsport is no cakewalk. The relentless pace of technological progress is such that that just a few years off the treadmill can put you hopelessly behind the game. One marque to have pulled it...

Page 26 of October 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, October 1975

The Jaguar XJ-S

A New Breed of Cat A new Jaguar model is a rarity, every one a landmark in motoring history. Styling has met with world-wide acclaim, performance has been something for other manufacturers to aim at. In performance and road manners the new XJ-S, a 154 m.p.h. sports coupe powered by the fuel-injected version of Jaguar's V12 engine and using modified XJ saloon suspension, represents yet another...

Page 62 of November 2001 archive issue thumbnail Page 62, November 2001


At Oulton Park 40 years ago, this Jaguar E-type won on the models race debut. Graham Hill drove it then. Now it's David Malsher's turn While gazing at one of the most famous Jaguar E-types of them all,ECD 400, I initially tried to push its heritage to the back of my mind, and just absorb its impact as 'an E-type'. No matter what a bargain it was in the 1960s, there are three fundamental reasons...

Page 73 of January 2011 archive issue thumbnail Page 73, January 2011

Lunch with... David Hobbs

The results didn't always come his way, but over three decades this expat Brit enjoyed the sort of variety in his racing career that today's F1 stars can only dream about, By Simon Taylor David Hobbs is 71 now, still the quintessential Englishman with the deadpan humour that stayed with him through a 30-year-plus racing career. By his own assessment, misfortune and missed opportunities meant he...

Page 9 of November 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, November 2004

Browns Lane is blackballed

News of Ford's withdrawal from F1 came on the same day it was announced that Jaguar's historic Coventry road car factory was to close. Long-standing test driver Norman Dewis, who was at the heart of Jag's competition programmes of the 1950s, said: "It's very sad, but I am not surprised. As for the F1 team, I was against it from the beginning. It didn't make sense to me. It's all very well saying...



November 2019
Ultimate Porsche: The Most Ruthless Racer Ever Built



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