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Page 4 of November 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 4, November 1993

The month in MOTOR SPORT

SEPTEMBER15:Peugeot confirms that it will enter F1 in 1994, but declines to nominate a partner for the time being. Larrousse is said to be favourite. 15:Michael Andretti announces that he's to quit F1 forthwith. Mika Hakkinen will partner Ayrton Senna for the final three Grands Prix; Andretti will return to IndyCar racing in 1994, driving one of Chip Ganassi's new Reynards. 15:Chevrolet pulls out...

Page 34 of October 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, October 1990

First non-Nordic driver to win

When the Safari Rally achieved world recognition and began to attract drivers from all over the globe, the visitors, even the most experienced and battle-hardened professionals found it very difficult indeed to beat the local crews. A special skill was required to do well on this event, and East African residents were so accustomed to local conditions and "reading the signs" that it was not until...

Page 42 of July 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, July 1989

Rally review: Acropolis Rally

Lancia eases the strain If someone had asked us whether the Acropolis Rally had ever been won by a crew in a Lancia Fulvia or a Stratos, and demanded an immediate, off-the-cuff answer, we would probably have answered that both these eminently successful cars of the past had the Greek event included in their list of victories. We would have been wrong, of course. An Aurelia won in 1958, but it was...

Page 26 of June 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, June 1983

Castrol Welsh Rally

Long gone are the times when this event was crammed into a weekend without respite, starting on a Friday evening and finishing on the Sunday after no official rest stops at all. Like other events which have been softened by FISA decree, the Welsh now has rest stops, whilst the need for main road runs from and back to Cardiff has been removed by locating the start and finish in Mid-Wales, much...

Page 10 of May 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, May 1999

Quattro View

Malcolm Wilson took Mike Greasley as co-driver on the RAC Rally There is little doubt that no other current rally car creates as much interest, or in some areas controversy, as the Audi Quattro. The most technically advanced car to grace the World Championship until the arrival of the GpB Lancia Rally, the GpB Quattro is the car on which the majority of (rich) aspiring drivers would like to get...

Page 49 of October 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 49, October 1979

The Mopar Manx International Trophy Rally

The fifth round in the home international rally championship series sponsored by Sedan Products was the unique Manx event on September 14th/15th. Held over 270 miles of closed public roads in and around, but not part of, the TT course this year's Manx, the latest in a line born in 1963, had a top class entry from Ford, Saab, Dealer Team Vauxhall, Talbot Sunbeam and Leyland ST. Within the first...

Page 90 of April 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 90, April 2003

Rising in the West

Fifteen minutes of fame Mitsubishi Starion: British Open Rally Championship, 1988 Ford was expected to dominate our home series when it went fully Group A in 1988. But for a while, John Davenport explains, the Blue Oval was eclipsed by a red sun Group B's legacy was the universal adoption of turbos and four-wheel-drive for rally cars. But initially, the new breed of Group A cars took a time to...

Page 10 of January 1995 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, January 1995

McRae of sunshine

As threat of a controversial stages finish evaporated, Britain's rising star completed a deserved victory - the first such home success since 1976 Eighteen years: a long time for a premier British sporting event to be without a British winner. But that is as long as it has taken for a Briton to repeat the feat of Roger Clark, The 1994 Network Q RAC Rally was won in fine style by Scotsmen Colin...

Page 41 of June 1991 archive issue thumbnail Page 41, June 1991

Rally Review -- Tour of Corsica

Sainz on Corse Almost since the need to drive fast began to be an essential part of rallying, those responsible for preparing cars have had two major objectives; speed and reliability. Most other claims on the attention of car builders, for example, handling, flexibility and the need to have components fitted in such a way that they can be replaced quickly at the roadside, evolve from one of...

Page 6 of March 1991 archive issue thumbnail Page 6, March 1991

Rally Review -- Monte Carlo Rally 1991

The fortunes of British teams in world class rallying have been pretty impoverished since the fruitful days of the Ford Escort RS. British teams using British cars, that is. First Peugeot began monopolising victory rostrums, then Lancia, and it was not until Toyota began to notch up wins that the Italian team had any opposition at all. Then came other Japanese teams, but there was a distinct...



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