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Page 22, June 1996

I've Started so I'll Finish

Jan Magnussen may be starring in the ITC, but he still hankers after an F1 opportunity. Marcus Simmons found out why They used to say that when you commented on the youth of policemen, you must be getting old. Nowadays it seems that, instead of the boys in blue, it's the lads racing touring cars that seem to be only just out of school. This year, it could well be that the International Touring...

Page 80, April 2005

No sugar, no beer, no fizz

The Fittipaldi brothers lived the dream with their F1 team. But, they tell Marcus Simmons, when Copersucar and Skol pulled out it all turned flat A switch in management at Skol beer 25 years ago had the biggest effect on the destiny of the 1982 Formula One World Championship. Eh? Come on, that's got you! Want an explanation? Okay— read on. Consider this: in 1980 there was a neat little F1 team....

Page 56, September 2005

As fate would have it

Patrick Tambay seemed to have little control over the direction of his rollercoaster — and successful — career. He talks to Marcus Simmons He moved through motorsport like the hero in a Voltaire novel, his career seemingly shaped by destiny, a series of chance happenings and the recurrent reappearances of several figures who would disappear out of his story only to be reprised years later just...

Page 9, July 2006

Right of reply

We asked for your opinions, and you responded. And frankly we were surprised: Max Mosley's inflammatory remarks in last month's issue about the sport we all love seemed to cause less stir among you than the magazine's redesign — there was even some support for the FIA president's views on racing, or indeed not racing, old cars. If our Letters pages seem highly approving of the new look it's not...

Page 23, January 2002

100 greatest drivers

Remember Senna at Donington Park in 1993? Ran away with it in the pouring rain. One of the best drives ever. Yes, but how does it compare with, say, Moss at Monaco in 1961? Check our ratings to find out. 100. Bernd Rosemeyer 1937 Record week Setting 17 records in just three days 252.45mph for the Flying Mile and 211.80mph for the Flying 10 Miles Auto Union's star had blown Mercedes away. And all...

Page 30, July 1999

Brands Hatch vs Silverstone - where should the Grand Prix go?

The battle for Britain's round of the Formula One World Championship intensifies by the week. Marcus Simmons steps back from the hype to find out which track stakes a better claim. "The only thing that would make Brands Hatch compatible with the Grand Prix cars of today would be to put the coordinates for NATO aircraft right in the centre of it, bomb it and start all over again." Derek Warwick is...

Page 52, March 2006

In the age before Bute

Johnny Dumfries made it to F1 and won Le Mans before returning to his duties as the Marquess of Bute. He talks to Marquess, er, Marcus Simmons Tap the name 'Johnny Dumfries' into any internet search engine and you get the grand prix encyclopaedia pages. You're told that he was born in a castle and that he is now a talented painter. So you get this image of a bloke who, either side of a racing...

Page 67, May 2006

50 years of Mallory Park

It may no longer play host to the top international and British stars, but Mallory Park is still going strong. Marcus Simmons pays his respects Mallory Park — the only British racing circuit with a layout that has been completely unchanged in the past half a century. The 1.35-mile venue, in the middle of Leicestershire, opened for car racing on May 21 1956: the first race was won by D Rees's...

Page 76, October 2005

Dave Coyne -- the ultimate cult hero

He left a trail of battered egos in his wake, but his brilliance was never rewarded. Marcus Simmons drops in on his car dealership He was the great alley-cat bruiser of 1980s British motorsport, a stocky bundle of stunning car control, racing savvy and ruthlessness who at various stages of his career saw off or outpaced Ayrton Senna, Elio de Angelis, Andrea de Cesaris, Stefan Bellof, Martin...

Page 14, January 2000

F5000 - A not so dismal ending

Sir, How pleasing to read Marcus Simmons' excellent feature on F5000 in your December 1999 issue and what delightful memories it evoked. Whilst appreciating this was not intended as a definitive appraisal of the formula, the final year of the 5000 series was not quite as dismal as the writer suggests. As motorsport press officer for Shell UK Oil when we sponsored that last championship in 1975, I...


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