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Page 9 of October 2007 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, October 2007

Spy scandal rumbles on

The McLaren/Ferrari spy scandal will receive an examination by the FIA Court of Appeal in Paris on the Thursday of the Belgian GP meeting at Spa, creating a logistical headache for all the participants. The World Motor Sport Council had found McLaren guilty because its designer Mike Coughlan was in possession of Ferrari documents, but no penalty was applied because there was no proof that the...

Page 34 of November 2007 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, November 2007

Clause for concern

The paragraphs highlighted in the FIA document above are at the core of Formula 1’s biggest scandal. McLaren has been fined 100 million dollars and stripped of its Constructor points, not for stealing designs, not for offering bribes, but for possibly gaining, through the actions of a disgruntled Ferrari employee, a theoretical intellectual advantage – an advantage which the FIA itself says would...

Page 58 of November 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, November 2012

Lunch with... Ron Dennis

Ambition, focus and an abiding passion for detail has helped the McLaren Group’s executive chairman build a high-tech empire that extends far beyond racing By Simon Taylor Where better to have lunch with Ron Dennis CBE than in the McLaren Technology Centre, which houses most of the companies in the McLaren Group and over 2000 staff, including the F1 team. Curling futuristically around an...

Page 78 of March 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 78, March 2012

What next for Williams?

The post-Patrick Head era begins. We ask Williams’ new tech chief Mark Gillan how the team plans to recover from the disaster that was 2011 By Rob Widdows Williams Grand Prix Engineering’s annus horribilis is behind it, there’s a new engine in the back of the car and new faces on the front line. The team is making a fresh start. The only way is up, and next month in Melbourne it will know just...

Page 16 of April 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, April 2012

Teams square up for battle of 2012

Caterham kicked off the 2012 launch season when it issued computer images of its new car on January 25, but the first real example to be shown was the McLaren on February 1. By the start of testing at Jerez on February 7 nine new cars had been unveiled, leaving the latest Mercedes, HRT and Marussia to make their debuts at the subsequent Barcelona tests RED BULL [1] Adrian Newey insists that there...

Page 86 of September 2007 archive issue thumbnail Page 86, September 2007

Spy stories

Espionage is big news in F1 right now, but it’s also old news. Ideas, designs, even complete cars, have been ‘borrowed’ since racing began By Adam Cooper Grand prix racing has been rocked in recent weeks by the dramatic controversy surrounding former Ferrari man Nigel Stepney and McLaren chief designer Mike Coughlan. The full story has yet to emerge, but the fact Coughlan had some 780 pages of...

Page 68 of April 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 68, April 2004

Tiga economy

Although swamped by the spectacle of the factory Jaguars and Porsches slugging it out at the front, the semi-pros and the amateurs back in the pack were fighting tooth and nail for Group C2 honours in the 1980s. Paul Fearnley pays his respects to these unsung heroes. Lived in. Duncan Bain was here. So were: David Andrews, Michael Hall, Pierre Chauvet (aka Fritz Glatz), Max Cohen-Olivar, Giles...

Page 16 of May 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, May 2008

Nigel Roebuck

Reflections – Hamilton and McLaren’s show of strength – Why Bernie is the only one who won’t miss Indy – Hunt’s secret Ferrari deal – and why it went wrong – Redman – still the most underrated driver in history History suggests that Melbourne can be a touch misleading when it comes to predicting how a season will go. Patrick Head, for one, has always counselled against reading too much into what...

Page 48 of February 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, February 2012

F1 season review 2011

Vettel’s brilliance, Button’s rise at McLaren and Alonso’s never-say-die spirit… Those were the topics served up for starters when Motor Sport met for lunch and a post-F1 season chat David Coulthard has a lot to answer for. The 13-time Grand Prix winner was the glue that forged a lasting bond between the two men who have masterminded the dominance of an energy drinks brand over the most...

Page 35 of February 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, February 2012

A change in direction

In my final column for Motor Sport, I turn to a painful subject: the performance of Williams F1 in the 2011 World Championship. It is seven years since we won our last Grand Prix – in Brazil in 2004 – and eight since we were serious title contenders in ’03, a championship we should have won. Since 2004 we have experienced a number of commercial challenges, starting with the departure of BMW at...



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